Is Hair Gel to Blame for Thinning Edges and Hair Loss?'

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Gorilla Snot GelQuestion: I am 17 years old and started losing my hair. It's mainly in the front at the edges where the line up ends and it's getting so bad to where it losing all of my left side. I wear hair gel everyday, day & night since I was about 7. Is it possible that it's starting to affect because of my gel (Snot Gorilla Gel)? It started about a year ago but now it is completely bad. My hair is almost completely gone by the rate that it's going now because it recently increased in hair loss out of nowhere.

Answer: Hi, Victor. As you are 17 there are a number of factors that could be related to your hair loss. However, it is highly unlikely that your hair gel is causing you to lose your hair.

Many people worry that styling products can cause hair loss - but, in reality, this is very rare. Not washing out your hair product regularly can cause a build-up that may make the scalp dirty, leading to greasy hair which can look thin. This is a cosmetic problem, however, and not a hair loss condition.

The only real issues to be wary of when using hair styling products are, firstly, to ensure you wash your hair regularly to avoid residues forming and potentially irritating the scalp.  Secondly, if you experience any unusual or unpleasant sensations or side effects when using a product, stop using it immediately. Hair loss from styling products is only usually the case if there is an allergic reaction - a scenario that is relatively rare.

You don't mention how you wear your hair but if you favour tight hairstyles such as cornrows or man buns, this can cause thinning edges. These types of styles put excessive pressure on the hair follicles, especially those around the hairline, which can cause them to become damaged. This is known as Traction Alopecia and can be treated in many cases as long as the client is 16 years old or over and medically compatible with the recommended treatment options.

Premature hair loss in teenagers can be brought on by numerous lifestyle issues, from stress to an inadequate diet, and can often be due to a temporary condition such as Telogen Effluvium. This tends to cause diffuse hair thinning from the whole head rather than in specific patches around the hairline, however.

receding hairline is most commonly found in cases of Male Pattern Baldness which is a hereditary condition. It can start to present any time following puberty in people with a genetic predisposition. At 17 it is technically possible for this to be the cause of your shedding - and for a minoxidil-only treatment course to be followed, if necessary. But, without examining you, it is impossible to provide a confident diagnosis based on the information you have provided.

We recommend you have a hair loss consultation in order to ascertain the precise cause of your shedding. Following this, treatment recommendations personalised to your age, condition, level and pattern of shedding will be made. In the meantime, ensure you are washing your hair regularly and reduce any potential lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your hair fall.

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