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Is Female Hair Loss Really On The Rise?


Wendy Leigh hair lossAccording to an article in the Daily Mail today by Wendy Leigh, a third of hair transplant patients are female, and female pattern hair loss is allegedly “on the rise” in the UK based on the fact that 64% of doctors have seen an increase in hair loss in women  in the past five years.

Discussing her hair transplant, writer Leigh, whose pattern hair loss was triggered after her hair was chemically straightened and an allergic reaction occurred, explained how she noticed a four inch bald patch and decided to have the procedure.

Hindered Hair Transplant

However, as can be the case, despite spending £3,500 on a hair transplant Leigh was disappointed with the results and resorted to twice weekly appointments with a hair stylist who attaches five hairpieces into Leigh’s real hair. Finding a way of dealing with women’s hair loss that works for you is important, and women should be made aware of all their options.

In fact, it’s probably true that there has not been a significant rise in women experiencing hair loss, but rather more women are coming forward to discuss their experiences in the public sphere, therefore encouraging women who may have suffered in silence to speak out.

From Gail Porter to Nadine Dorries, women are putting hair loss on the agenda. It’s also true that female pattern hair loss, unlike its male counterpart, doesn’t involve a receding hairline or ‘bald spot,’ but rather usually manifests as a diffuse thinning atop the scalp, which can progress unnoticed for quite some time.

Women may previously have thought a hair transplant, or certain hair loss products that claim to fight hair loss but are really just capable of improving the condition of existing hair, were their only option. However, there is a hair loss medication for women that has been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA for use.

Handling Hair Loss

Minoxidil is a topical liquid or extra-strength minoxidil cream that is applied twice daily to the scalp. It comes in variety of strengths and a hair loss specialist would be able to establish an ideal combined daily dose depending on your individual case. Belgravia also combine their minoxidil solutions with a number of added ingredients that appear to block DHT when applied locally, providing another avenue in terms of tackling hair loss.

A hair loss treatment programme from Belgravia includes not just minoxidil, but a number of treatment boosters designed to optimise the condition of existing hair and ensure it’s as healthy as possible. Regular check-ups to chart progress and address any questions are also key, and our before and during treatment photographs show in detail how much hair has been regrown.

It’s encouraging that more women are realising that something can be done about their hair loss, and a free consultation with Belgravia can establish whether we can help.

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