Is David Beckham Using Hair Loss Concealing Microscopic Fibres?

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There have been many stories about former footballer and very much current style icon David Beckham and his apparent hair loss, recently.
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From rumours circulating that the 43-year old had a hair transplant in 2017, to photos from September 2018 showing his noticeably thinning hair on top - a clear sign of Male Pattern Baldness.

The media has been quick to speculate as to what is happening to Beckham's famous hair, with two leading men's hair loss commentators agreeing with Belgravia's early take on the matter, in the Telegraph newspaper.

Nano fibres to temporarily hide hair loss

In August 2018, Belgravia hair experts noticed something suspicious about the changing colour and thickness of David Beckham's hair and wondered if it might be down to using hair loss concealing microscopic fibres.

These popular hair cosmetics are tiny nano fibres that are shaken onto existing hairs and cling onto them using static electricity and a fixative spray, making the hair look temporarily thicker. This technique can also colour the scalp, helping to reduce the contrast between the colour of the scalp and hair, further giving the impression of thicker hair. It is a method thought to be responsible for Wayne Rooney's thinning - then thick - then thinning again regular hair transformations.

A giveaway sign of using hairloss concealing fibres is that it tends to give the hair a darker, matte look and, particularly in men with mid-brown to blond hair, it can give a slight red tinge - something Belgravia's hair specialists picked up on. It seems both Spencer Kobren and Spencer 'Spex' Stevenson of the Bald Truth hair loss talk show, are in agreement that this is one of the most likely reason that David Beckham's hair has been looking thicker in public, and thinner when caught in candid paparazzi snaps.

Hair Concealer FibresConcealer fibres are well known among celebrity patients. The give-away for me is the darker colour compared to his normal brown, grey-ish look,” advises Spex.

"They’re pretty good products - if they’re used by people who have a lot of hair, they could really mask a lot of hair loss," Kobren told The Telegraph. Adding that, should Beckham open up about this being his hairstyling secret, "It would be huge. It would be a tremendous benefit … especially in the UK because he’s so popular."

Given the MLS team owner now has his own range of male grooming and hair products, could this notoriously litigious star be using the paparazzi to document how he is dealing with his struggles before launching his own brand of nanofibres..?

Temporary hair loss solution

Cosmetic concealers such as microscopic fibres are only temporary hair loss solutions as, firstly, they will only work when there are enough existing hairs to cling to, and secondly, they do not actually treat Male Pattern Baldness.

As this is a permanent, progressive condition, the affected hair follicles that are subject to the effects of DHT will continue to gradually deteriorate. This displays outwardly as thinning hair anywhere along the vertex from the crown to the hairline, and/or a receding hairline. At the moment, David Beckham's hair looks to be thinning on top whilst his hairline appears to be relatively intact.

In my opinion, David is now potentially on a slippy slope to further speculation surrounding his hair loss. It might not be too long before a hair transplant is his only option in order to continue to be the hair icon he is renowned for being,” said Spex in the Telegraph interview.

Although he has previously admitted he would rather shave his head than have hair restoration surgery, given his current level of hair loss, should the British Fashion Council ambassador wish to try to keep his hair it is likely a custom hair loss treatment course featuring clinically-proven topical and oral medications, may still have a significant effect.

As with every style move David Beckham makes, we await the next chapter in his hair loss journey, though - given he is known to be extremely private when it comes to such personal matters - we may never know the whole truth regarding his choices.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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