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Is Danny Dyer Hitting Hair Loss?

danny boyle malaga hairline recedingHe’s spoken out about hair loss before, blaming it on repeatedly washing his hair to try and shift a dodgy dye job, but Danny Dyer’s hair appears to have further receded recently judging by photographs taken this week of the star filming in Malaga.

Dyer, who previously considered suing Channel 4 after dyeing his hair ginger to film All In The Game, explained: “I think I started losing my wig after that. I’m receding a bit but it only started after I dyed it.” As he filmed scenes as the bad guy in soap spin off show Hollyoaks Later, Dyer’s hair appeared to be fairly thick, but his hairline seems to be receding.

Dodgy Dyer Job

So, is it possible that hair dye or harsh hair washing techniques triggered long term hair loss? It’s very unlikely that this is the case, although dyeing hair can cause existing locks to become brittle and break more easily, especially when the dye contains a bleaching agent, as the vast majority of permanent dyes do.

New hair that grows through after the dyeing process should be the same condition as the hair was before it was dyed, so if new hair growth is thinner or a receding hairline has become more prominent, there is probably something else going on. Because Dyer claimed to be “receding a bit” before he dyed his hair, it’s very possible that male pattern hair loss had already onset when he decided to go ginger.

Pattern balding doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair density atop the scalp will thin straightaway, and if Dyer’s hair appears thicker now it will be due to the brittle, thin dyed hair having shed to allow his usual healthy hair to grow through. It’s also possible that Dyer may be taking one of the two proven for hair loss medications, Propecia, which is great for preventing thinning hair.

Handling Hair Loss

However, if Dyer wants to treat his receding hairline, he would need to use the second hair loss medication that has also been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA for this purpose: minoxidil. Belgravia has had a high degree of success treating receding hairlines with our unique high strength minoxidil cream, which allows for easy application and can treat the most stubborn cases of frontal hair loss.

A tailored hair loss treatment plan built around these two medication would offer Dyer the best possible chance of addressing his hair loss before it becomes more noticeable, and by using a selection of treatment boosters such as the FDA cleared LaserComb, his hair can potentially be regrown in the most efficient way possible.

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