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‘Is Cryotherapy An Effective Treatment For Alopecia Areata?’


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Name: Satty

Question: I have heard about a potential treatment for alopecia called Cryotherapy (or Kryotherapy?) – do you know anything about this? Is it effective?

The Welsh Rugby Team Undergo Cryotherapy For Fitness and Rehabitiltation ReasonsAnswer: Hi Satty, thanks for your question. There has been work done in this field with research being carried out into Cryotherapy as a potential treatment for alopecia in the early 1990’s but it did not manage to produce consistent results.

Cryotherapy has mainly been tested for Alopecia Areata and is believed to help hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. This is similar to the action of Minoxidil, but Minoxidil has been found to produce better, consistent results. Cryotherapy is also believed to produce immuno-modulatory effects which may be of some benefit in Alopecia Areata but will not affect hair loss of genetic origin.

Cryotherapy  is a medical treatment using low temperatures, such as when freezing off a wart or verucca, which was originally developed in 1978 by a Japanese doctor for the treatment of rheumatoid-arthritis. However, nowadays it is just as often used for beauty and fitness treatments.  A three-minute whole body treatment, where only the head is isolated, is said to produce an incredible endorphin rush, with benefits believed to include improved sleep, a boosted immune system and reduced inflammation.

Professional athletes, like the Welsh Rugby team, pictured, and footballer Christiano Ronaldo who has his own at-home cryotherapy chamber, use this form of therapy to help their recovery, like an advanced type of ice-bath. Whilst specialist spas offering cryotherapy for anti-ageing and beauty reasons are reportedly enjoying something of a boom at the moment.

Although cryotherapy is not considered a suitable option for treating alopecia, there are a number of other options available now, such as topical immunotherapy, and currently in testing, such as ruxolitinib.

Here at Belgravia we have seen significant regrowth triggered by high strength minoxidil for clients with patchy hair loss caused by Alopecia Areata. You can find a number of these clients’ photoscans, clearly showing their stage of hair loss before and after starting treatment, along with their comments on the experience in our Hair Loss Success Stories. If you would like to speak to one of our hair loss specialists about Alopecia Areata treatment, or our minoxidil formulations please give us a call on 020 7730 6666 or send us a message. Alternatively, if you are based outside London you can complete our Online Consultation form for our home-use service.

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