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Is Christian Slater’s Hair Making a Comeback?

Christian Slater He Was a Quiet Man The Belgravia CentreWith all the glamour of Hollywood and heroic deeds performed onscreen, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the actors we see 30-feet high on the silver screen are in reality just men.

But men they are, and actors are included along with the rest of us in the 50% genetic sweepstakes for suffering from Male Pattern Baldness by the age of 50.

At 42, Christian Slater is one actor who has suffered some hair loss, though not as noticeably as some of his contemporaries (for a much more severe vision of how Slater’s hair loss could look, check out the film He Was a Quiet Man). A high forehead and receding hairline betray the actor’s age more truthfully than his relatively youthful complexion.

True Romance?

But now, the Daily Mail has claimed that he may have undergone treatment to restore his hairline to that of his more youthful days when his image graced the bedroom wall of many a teenage girl.

Slater had a seemingly revitalised look when he appeared at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, where he was promoting his latest television series, Breaking In. According to the Mail: “His usual brown, slicked back ‘do was replaced with a sharper, edgier dark blonde that his character Oz dons in the TV show. And his hairline appeared to be making a surprise comeback, perhaps the result of a replacement procedure.”

Lies and Illusions?

Christian SlaterLooking at the pictures, Slater’s hair does indeed look different. However, a closer look reveals that the hairline is relatively unchanged, compared to pictures from several years ago, and the difference in appearance may be more easily attributable to the fact that the hair has been combed forward rather than being swept back as in the past. The lighter colour of course also does wonders for portraying a more youthful appearance.

Other pictures from the event in Pasadena, California, show that the actor’s hairline is still very much receding, casting further doubt on any ‘replacement procedure’, as the newspaper puts it. By this phrasing, the Daily Mail presumably means a hair transplant, in which normal healthy follicles are surgically removed from one part of the head and implanted in another area where hair loss is apparent.

Though such procedures are often popular with celebrities with money to burn, a hair transplant is far from the only treatment for hair loss, or even the best.

Hair loss treatments

While they may be popular with the rich and famous, hair transplant procedures are out of reach for many people with more modest means, costing anything between £3,000 and £30,000, depending on the number of follicles which need to be transplanted and the clinic you visit.

Money aside, it should also be remembered that a hair transplants is a surgical procedure, and caries the same risks as any other type of invasive surgery. There is also the requirement to use preventative treatments (usually indefinitely) following a hair transplant to maintain the hair that has not been surgically replaced.

Should Christian Slater wish to reverse his receding hairline, he has the excellent option of  getting in touch with the Belgravia Centre. We offer a range of scientifically proven hair loss treatments, which don’t involve massive costs or surgery. Propecia, Minoxidil, HairMax LaserCombs , Hair Vitalics and clinical therapy are just a few of the treatments which we use to achieve some fantastic results, as evidenced by our client success stories (the largest collection of its kind in the world).

So Christian, if you fancy a change that will really get the people talking, contact us for a consultation at our London clinic, or fill in our online diagnostic form to receive a home-use treatment programme that we can ship to Hollywood or anywhere else on the planet.

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