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Is Chancellor George Osborne Going Bald?

George Osborne bald patch hair lossHe’s currently outlining plans for more government cuts in the spending review, and George Osborne was keen to let the country know that he’s put the hours in by posting a picture on Twitter last night of him hard at work with just a burger and coffee for company.

The Chancellor, who will shortly promise new investment in schools, science and transport, has also claimed that the country is moving from “rescue to recovery”. However, it would appear from the photo he posted that the same cannot be said for his hair, which appeared to have noticeably thinned at the top of the back of his head.

Balding Budget

Osborne appears to be experiencing the onset of male pattern hair loss, which can manifest as a thinning crown. Thinning on this area can progress to a bald spot, and if Osborne wants to avoid having to master the tricky double comb-over like his boss David Cameron, he’ll need to take action to prevent his hair loss from becoming untreatable medically.

So, how can Osborne prevent baldness? A clinically proven hair loss treatment plan is his best bet in terms of efficiently tackling hair loss before it become more noticeable. The hair loss medication Propecia, which is one of two medications that have been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA for this purpose, is particularly effective at tackling Osborne’s specific type of hair loss.

 Hair For Leaders

Propecia works by blocking DHT, the powerful androgen hormone that causes hair loss by attacking follicles atop the head and leading them to produce thinner, weaker hair. Blocking DHT presents no problems to the male body after puberty has ended, but it can halt hair loss. For an idea of the results that can be achieved, Belgravia has a vast collection of before and during treatment photographs of satisfied patients.

The second and only other proven medication, minoxidil, works by stimulating hair follicles to encourage regrowth. A topical liquid or high strength minoxidil cream, it is applied directly to thinning areas, allowing targeted treatment of thinning patches.

If Osborne wants to prevent the need for a hair transplant, he would need to begin a treatment programme before the area he wishes to treat becomes completely shiny and bald. By combining the two above medications with a variety of treatment boosters such as the FDA cleared LaserComb, he will give himself the best possible chance of combating hair loss, without breaking his budget.

The Belgravia Centre—————————————————————————————————–

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