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Is Baldness Inevitable or Can It Be Avoided?

I have an elderly friend who comes from a long line of men who lost their hair from an early age.  Naturally, he too thought he would start to lose his hair in his twenties.  And sure enough his premonition came true.  It is not clear how much anxiety this caused him, but he certainly feels that he had no choice but to take his changing hairline in his stride.

However science has moved on, and we now know much more aboutman-with-hair-loss hair loss in men and how it can be avoided.

The causes of male hair loss

Usually hair goes through a natural process of loss and re-growth.  The problem for men prone to hair loss is that their re-growth gets thinner each time it goes through the cycle.  Eventually the hair follicles constrict so much that hair production is stopped altogether and baldness ensues.

Male hormones are the main culprits behind the hair loss (which is also known as male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia).  For those men prone to hair loss, the male hormone testosterone will be changed into the androgen Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  This androgen will affect their hair follicles by causing them to shrink and so inhibiting new hair growth.  Eventually the hair thins and may ultimately lead to baldness.

However, male hair loss is not inevitable and for those that are worried about it there are proven hair loss treatments available that can re-stimulate your hair’s growth cycle and lead to hair restoration.

The best treatments for hair loss in men

The most effective method of addressing hair loss in men uses several simultaneous approaches.  Together these treatments help to stop the condition from getting worse and can breathe new life back into dormant hair follicles resulting in hair re-growth.

Despite what you may have seen elsewhere on the internet or in spam emails there are only two male hair loss treatments that have been medically proven to work.  They include propecia which will inhibit the development of DHT, thereby by helping to prevent further blockages of follicles.   The drug minoxidil is also used to help reduce further loss and stimulate new hair growth.   These treatments are the only ones that have been licensed by the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for male hair loss.

To further boost your hair’s re-generation we also recommend the use of the LaserComb and our Hair Vitalics nutritional supplement.

To help maintain or improve the health and condition of your hair, Belgravia Hair Loss Clinic has developed Hair Vitalics – a nutritional supplement designed to help keep your hair in optimum condition.  Hair Vitalics contains vitamins and essential nutrients that are thought to help with the condition of the hair and assist in hair loss prevention.  We find that it has helped to improve the results of our other treatments, although it had not been proven to prevent hair loss on its own.

Approaching the issue of hair loss from a different angle, the LaserComb is designed to help improve the blood circulation to the scalp.  In 2007 the FDA cleared one model of the LaserComb to promote hair growth and treat hair loss.  Newer models have now been released which the FDA has yet to clear.  However, the LaserComb’s manufacturer says that two labs in the States have concluded that they are substantially equivalent to the FDA cleared model.  At Belgravia, our trichologists find that the LaserComb improves the success of our other treatments, helping to stabilise hair loss and promote re-growth of the hair.

At the Belgravia Centre we provide all of these treatments and products, in addition to regular support and supervision, to give our patients the very best advice and treatments available for their hair loss and thinning.

Find out more about male hair loss

Hair loss is very common in men, and for many it is not a problem.  However, some men are concerned about their  hair loss and wonder whether it can be treated.

If you are worried about your thinning hair and would like more information, call our helpline on 020 7730 6666 or message the centre to arrange a consultation with one of our trichologists and learn more about what can be done.  Or you can complete our specialist online form and one of our trichologists will review your case and get back to you with a diagnosis and recommended treatments.

As Britain’s leading hair and scalp clinic, our treatments have helped thousands of men and women concerned about their hair loss.


3rd May, 2015 at 7:37 am

Mr M Cooper

Dear Belgravia, Could you give your views on the use of applying Taoist soap to the scalp/hair in stopping hair loss, and promoting new growth. Yours sincerely Mr M Cooper

7th May, 2015 at 4:50 pm

Sarah Belgravia

Dear Mr. Cooper, you can find the full answer to your query regarding Taoist soap and hair loss, here.

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