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Is Andy Murray’s Receding Hairline Affecting His Form?

Andy Murray Receding HairlineWorld number 4 and British Wimbledon hopeful Andy Murray has been the ‘almost’ guy for years, reaching the semi finals of major tournaments on many occasions. However major tournament wins, including Wimbledon, continue to evade the Scot.

Upon closer inspections, it seems like Murray may also be losing something more personal than major titles, as he is also showing signs of a clearly receding hairline.

Loss of hair, loss of confidence?

Many commentators suggest that Murray’s lack of Grand Slam wins stems from a lack of confidence; that when the chips are down, Andy simply cannot muster the strength of character required to win. Could it be that some of Murray’s apparent lack of self assurance is related to hair loss?

Anecdotally, many men believe that their hair plays a large part in their levels of self-esteem, and has a significant effect on their confidence. Often if a man is concerned about his receding hairline or thinning crown, his confidence and performance will suffer as a result.

The Rooney effect

Generating almost as many headlines as the appointment of the new England coach, Wayne Rooney’s hair has been a talking point for months. Although the final outcome of his £30,000 hair transplant operation is open to debate, the apparent effect on Rooney’s confidence on the pitch cannot be denied. The return of Rooney’s hairline marked a return to top footballing form.

It is therefore possible that a hair regrowth treatment could be the key improving Andy Murray’s confidence, and even help him to achieve an elusive Wimbledon title win.

Winning hair regrowth without surgery

Should Andy Murray like to emulate the success of Rooney without resorting to expensive (and uncertain) surgery, there are a number of proven remedies available. Here at The Belgravia Centre, each of our patients receives a unique treatment plan designed to promote maximum hair regrowth.

These treatment plans can involve medically proven hair regrowth medications such as Minoxidil and Propecia, but specific products are dependent on the patient’s specific needs, as every programme is tailored to the in. Additional therapies include the FDA-cleared laser comb and our own unique dietary supplement, HairVitalics.

Our hair loss experts have years of experience identifying and treating a number of hair loss conditions – evidenced by the hundreds of patient testimonials that are available to view in our online archive of hair loss success stories.

So, whether you are a tennis ace looking to increase confidence through hair regrowth, or a man or woman from any other walk of life wanting to beat symptoms of hair loss, The Belgravia Centre can create a treatment plan just for you. Why not contact us online or give us a call on 0800 077 6666 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our hair loss experts today? Alternatively, you can complete our online diagnostic form which allows us to create a personalized treatment plan which we can post anywhere in the world.

We wish Andy the best of luck in the Wimbledon semi-final tomorrow, and hope our theory will be proven wrong and that this year will be his at Wimbledon.

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