Is an Uneven Hairline a Sign of Hair Loss?'

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Question: The hairline on one side is farther back than the front part of my hair and the other side of it, my little sister that is 4 also has this, is it a sign?

Answer: Hi, Dillon. Don't worry - it sounds like that is just the natural shape of your hairline and not a sign of male hair loss. Hairlines, like faces, are rarely totally symmetrical.

Men's hairlines can change shape slightly during puberty - something known as a maturing hairline - this is nothing to be concerned about either. They simply soften and edges often become rounder to fit with the face as its shape also changes.

For some teens these changes are so slight that they are barely noticeable, whereas for others they can be more apparent. Depending on your age, this may be applicable.

If you are still worried that you have a receding hairline then keep an eye on it. If it does start to look as if it’s moving backwards - either at the temples or as a whole - then you may want to get a professional diagnosis from a hair loss specialist.

This can help to put your mind at rest as well as offering the chance to get professional hair loss advice and treatment information, if needed.

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