Is Actress Diane Kruger Experiencing Female Hair Loss?

diane kruger thinning hair hair loss

She's usually known for her immaculate style, but as Diane Kruger ran errands in Hollywood, her messy hair matched her t-shirt and jogging bottoms. With her hair swept back into a quick up do, the actress seemed happy to go make-up free, thanks no doubt to her flawless complexion.

In fact, the actress has spoken out recently about how she likes the natural look, saying that: "I feel that less is more, especially on the red carpet. I used to have my make-up done, but I would look at pictures and not recognise myself. I want to look like myself."

Keeping it Natural

However, from the look of Kruger's straggly hair, it would appear that the star, 37, might be experiencing a form of women's hair loss. Whereas hair loss in men is almost always down to genetics, with women things are not quite so clean cut, and there are several common types of hair loss that in turn have different causes and triggers.

The first port of call for Kruger would be to have a set of blood tests to ensure that her thinning hair has not been caused by a nutritional deficiency, or hormonal imbalance such as a thyroid problem. If this is the case, dealing with the root cause should mean that hair loss (usually in the form of diffuse thinning) will fix itself over time.

If the blood tests come back okay, it may be that Kruger is experiencing a different form of short term hair loss called telogen effluvium. This type of hair loss is diffuse rather than patchy, and can occur for a variety of reasons that include stopping taking the contraceptive pill, a sudden shock, or extreme stress. Again, dealing with the cause is the best solution here, although a hair loss treatment plan can help to treat the shedding whilst the underlying cause is tackled.

Star Treatment Style

A clinically proven hair loss treatment plan would also be needed to address female pattern hair loss, which requires medication in order to stop it from progressing. Notable for causing thinning atop the scalp, this genetic hair loss cannot be 'cured' but a treatment plan containing minoxidil (the only hair loss medication licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA to treat women's hair loss) can help to regrow hair.

Minoxidil is a topical treatment that is available in a variety of strengths, enabling a hair loss specialist to determine the ideal daily dosage for your specific case up to an extra strength minoxidil cream for particularly stubborn hair loss. Belgravia also include a variety of added ingredients with our minoxidil, which appear to block DHT when applied locally.

By combining specially selected minoxidil with treatment boosters such as nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics, hair is maintained at its optimum condition whilst halting hair loss and potentially regrowing thinning areas. Fraught film stars can also enjoy relaxing clinical treatment therapy at either of our Central London clinics, which further stimulates the hair follicle.

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