Iron Can Cause Hair Loss But Does it Also Cause Tangling?'

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Question: I read your post Too Much Iron Leads to Hair Loss. I take 2 iron tablets a day. Is that too much. My hair has become so tangled i cant comb it. Is that due to the iron tablets. 325 mg a day

Answer: Hi, Charlene. Iron deficiency and consuming too much iron can both cause hair loss so it is important to get the balance right.

Iron TabletsAccording to the NHS, the recommended daily intake of iron for women should be 14.8mg. As such, you are significantly exceeding this amount through supplement use, plus any extra iron you get from your diet will count on top of this, which is highly inadvisable. We would recommend you speak to your GP about your personal iron needs as this may vary depending on any health conditions you have.

Whilst excessive consumption of iron can cause hair loss, it is unlikely to directly cause your hair to tangle. Brittle hair can knot more easily, however, so the condition of your hair may be an indicator that all is not well.

Cosmetic hair serums and anti-tangle products, intensive conditioners and a good brushing with a gentle brush such as a Tangle Teezer, or comb, should help to remove the knots but you may want to check your dietary issues with your doctor just in case this is a warning of an underlying health problem given your iron intake.

If you start to experience an increased level of hair fall, or notice your hair thinning in addition to the tangling then it may be a case of Telogen Effluvium, a temporary hair loss condition which can last up to six months. This all-over shedding can occur as a result of imbalances in the body - whether hormonal or nutritional - and generally takes three months after it is triggered to actually present.

Although the hair will generally regrow naturally, Telogen Effluvium treatment is available. This consists of a personalised plan built around an appropriate formulation of the topical medication high strength minoxidil from the wide selection we offer at Belgravia, to help accelerate the regrowth process. A hair loss specialist nurse should be able to work alongside your doctor to help you identify and correct the problem.

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