Irish TV Star Has Hair Transplant To ‘Reclaim Identity’

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A man’s love affair with his hair typically begins in his mid to late teens and lasts as long as he has plentiful locks to work with. The minute hair starts to thin out or the hairline starts to recede, however, hair loss can feel like the beginning of a slow, sad farewell to a familiar friend.

It’s something that Irish broadcaster Aonghus McAnally discovered to his dismay when the lavish hair that had been such a feature of his looks started to disappear when he hit 50. According to the Irish Independent, the actor, musician and producer told Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE that his solution following a decade of hair loss was to have a hair transplant.

Recognised for his hair

Aonghus McAnally Before his Hair Transplant Aonghus McAnally Before his Hair Transplant

McAnally first became a fixture on Irish TV in the 1980s when he started working in children’s TV his distinguishing features were his huge, bushy hair and mismatched shoes (one red, one yellow). In recent years, McAnally told RTE, people would remember him as “the fella with the hair and the shoes.”

McAnally says he had seen the rate of his male hairloss increase dramatically over the past five years, and as it disappeared so, too, did his sense of identity. “For me, my hair has always defined me,” he said. “I began to feel not fully myself.”

Admitting to spending “many thousands of euros” on his hair transplant, McAnally also said that the shaven head look sported by many balding men was just not for him. After his mother passed away and left him some money, he decided to do something about it.

New hair lead to happiness

Understandably, hair loss can trigger self-esteem issues in many men. The Irish Independent reported that three weeks after McAnally’s operation, the celebrity “suddenly felt younger, fresher and happier. I don’t think you could put a price on how that makes you feel.”

Likening the procedure (likely to be Follicular Unit Extraction) to “planting roses”, the TV star says that the transplant operation lasted around nine hours. He also said it would be eight or nine months until his new hairline has really taken shape.

McAnally's hairline had receded to an advanced stage of male pattern baldness, so a transplant was a good option for the size of the area he wanted to restore. However, for many men who catch their hair loss early on, surgical hair restoration can seem like a somewhat drastic step towards regaining their former looks.

A far less invasive and less expensive option is to follow a bespoke hair loss treatment course. By visiting a professional hair loss specialist as early as possible, men wanting to regrow hair lost to, or even just beginning to thin from Male Pattern Baldness, will give themselves the best chance of seeing positive results simply by using recommended treatments.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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