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Jonny Harris, Joint Managing Director

Jonny Harris is the Joint Managing Director of The Belgravia Centre. He is in charge, along with Marilyn Harris, of overseeing the running of both clinics.

Jonny has a broad knowledge of the medical side of hair loss, the science behind treating the problem, and the hair loss industry as a whole. He has spent many years researching the products available and writes much of the content for The Belgravia Centre website and blog. Jonny also works closely with the medical hair loss specialists at The Belgravia Centre and spent some time studying trichology.

For many years Jonny has fought for transparency and ethical practice in the hair loss industry. In doing so, The Belgravia Centre has become the most renowned and trusted hair loss organisation in the UK.

Jonny says, “At The Belgravia Centre we set out to provide an all-in-one package to hair loss sufferers. From the moment they call or email the clinic, they will be assisted by friendly and knowledgeable members of our team. They will be lead through the process from beginning to end, visiting for a consultation or completing our online diagnostic form, and being provided with the best treatments for hair loss, by the only pharmacy that is dedicated solely to producing and prescribing hair loss treatments. In addition, and very importantly, Belgravia’s experts are on hand every day to help our clients with any assistance they might need. All patients are monitored with photos and check-ups are encouraged regularly. We offer tailored treatment programmes and treatments depend on the patients’ condition, pattern of hair loss and stage of hair loss. No other hair loss clinic can offer both the service and treatments that are offered by The Belgravia Centre.”


23rd December, 2009 at 5:54 pm


Hello, I have been following a treatment of Revivogen for 5 months now, I have been experiencing very light regrowth but I have continued to thin back in farther from the scalp (left temple area). How long is it recommended to stay with a treatment, will it often get worse before it gets better? Thank you, Scott

15th September, 2012 at 5:53 am

rajan gautam

Dear' sir I have heir loss problem. I need treatments for my heir loss. My heir foll problem is on the top and side of my head. please help me. I am 24 year old

12th April, 2016 at 6:22 am


would like to ask no need surgery for hair loss?

12th April, 2016 at 11:27 am

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Dick, We don't offer hair restoration surgery - you would need to see a hair transplant specialist for that - what we offer is effective, clinically-proven hair loss treatment solutions that are non-invasive so do not require surgery. You can see examples of the kind of regrowth these treatments have inspired in our Success Stories gallery and if you are interested in receiving a diagnosis and personalised recommendations, please arrange an appointment for a free consultation at one of our Central London hair loss clinics. Alternatively, if you live outside London or abroad, please complete our Online Diagnosis form.

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