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Indian Doctors Warn of Link Between Excessive Exercise and Hair Loss

Excessive Exercise The Belgravia CentreA report in the Deccan Herald has warned men and women of the unexpected consequences of excessive exercise on their hair. Although a reasonable level of fitness is essential to ensure general health and wellbeing, when exercise is taken to extremes it can result in a number of conditions – including hair loss.

According to Dr Manoj, a hair loss expert interviewed by the Deccan Herald, excessive exercise has the potential to disrupt the normal hair growth cycle, forcing hair follicles to enter their normal “resting” phase early. Human hair goes through a continuous cycle where up to fifteen per cent of a person’s hair follicles are resting at any moment in time. The hair attached to these follicles then falls out, although it later regrows normally.

Telogen and training

“Too much exercise results in early entry of hair into the telogen phase. When the body is subjected to extreme stress, an unusually high number of hairs prematurely enter a phase of rest, called the telogen phase. These hairs [then] begin to fall, causing a heavy hair fall,” said Dr Manoj.

Manoj is suggesting that the stress caused by excessive exercise is a significant contributory factor in the condition known as Telogen Effluvium. This suggestion echoes the research and experience of many other hair loss experts, who have also found a link between stress and hair loss caused by Telogen Effluvium.

How much is too much?

When it comes to exercise, the divide between enough and too much is very difficult to define, and will be different for each individual. However, there are a few indications which will help you identify whether over-exercising might be the cause of your hair loss:

  • Your weight loss slows down
  • You are always chronically tired
  • Your sleep patterns are disturbed

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you could be exercising excessively.

Treating Telogen Effluvium

Fortunately hair loss caused by Telogen Effluvium tends to repair itself naturally over time. However, it is always essential that a full and proper diagnosis is obtained from a qualified hair loss expert, who can confirm the cause of the condition and suggest an appropriate course of action if necessary.

Here at The Belgravia Centre our hair loss experts see hundreds of different hair loss cases every year, giving us a great deal of experience administering hair loss treatments. Our bespoke plans can involve medications such as Minoxidil and Propecia, unique hair growth boosters and general lifestyle advice, designed to give our patient’s the very best chance of regrowing their hair naturally.

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