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I Use Propecia and Minoxidil – Can I Increase My Hair Density Further?

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Name: Anonymous website user (male)

Question: I have diffuse hair loss on top. I have been using Propecia for more than 5 years with minoxidil 5% and have also tried 15% minoxidil but no regrowth. Please advise how I can increase my hair density as under sunlight you can see a lot of sparseness.

Answer: Diffuse hair loss (as a condition) is a diagnosis that generally affects women. At The Belgravia Centre, more than 90% of patients that we see with this condition are women and we would generally recommend a blood test to see what underlying medical factors could be causing this condition. We have however answered this question assuming you are referring to the most common condition experienced by men, Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPH). Your comment about hair loss being ‘on top’ is a give-away that the diagnosis is likely to be MPH as the condition only affects the top of the scalp (not back or sides).

Male Pattern Baldness treated using a combination hair loss treatment programme from The Belgravia Centre

Images show results of a Belgravia Centre patient using a combination hair loss treatment programme to combat Male Pattern Hair Loss

Propecia and minoxidil are certainly the most effective products for MPH. The dose of minoxidil that you use can make a difference, as well as the formulation/texture of the product used. It has been reported to us that Regaine Foam does not work as effectively as Regaine liquid, which is something that our research team predicted when the product was first released – please read our Regaine Foam Review. Our view was that because the foam is rubbed into the scalp with the hands (instead of an applicator), much will be absorbed by the hair and cause less to be absorbed into the scalp.

If you have been using minoxidil 5% for five years with no increased density then perhaps it is time to try a different dose, or a formulation with additives. The Belgravia Pharmacy produces a number of bespoke minoxidil formulations that you can enquire about upon contacting the clinic either by calling 020 7730 6666 or by messaging the centre.

We cannot comment on the 15% minoxidil that you used as we are unsure of the brand and its ingredients. Our pharmaceutical department did some tests on some of the most well-known high-strength minoxidil brands that were on the market a few years ago (many of which are no longer available due to recent FDA restrictions in the US) and found that many didn’t in fact contain 15% minoxidil. Most only contained 5%.

Additional options over and above Propecia and minoxidil would be an FDA Cleared laser device such as the HairMax LaserComb or a hair growth supplement such as Hair Vitalics. These will help as boosters to the prescription medications but it is unlikely they will promote significant results.

Finally, once you have maximised results from regrowth treatments by trying all of the above (which should offer a good chance of improving your hair density further), hair transplant surgery might be the last avenue to go down. Following an examination with a reputable surgeon, and assuming you are suitable for a procedure, a hair transplant can fill in the areas that have not responded to treatment such as bald areas of a receding hairline or crown, or thinning areas that have already responded to treatment but are still sparse. The Belgravia Centre works with a number of the most renowned hair transplant surgeons in the country and can refer you upon contacting the clinic.

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