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“I’m Worried About How Much Hair I am Losing”


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Name: Tas

Question: I am just 19 yrs old boy this month. Last week suddenly I ve found that about 7-10 strands washed out in bath.then in brush again 7-10. When I just pull my finger for several times 3-4 hairs come out easily.thats never happened.my family nobody is bald.even my dad grandpa have sufficient hair.though they r old.no relatives have this problem from my mom’s family. I m also suspecting my front hair is getting thinner.and some hair’s root is weak. and also suspecting my lack of vitamins and nutrition. cos I hardly eat fruits. What should I do?

Answer: Hi, Tas. It sounds like you don’t really have anything to worry about in terms of hair loss, except perhaps your diet.

Healthy EatingThere are a number of points that you mention here and I shall go through each of them in turn.

Firstly, it is normal to lose up to 100 hairs per day so the level of hair loss you mention is absolutely normal. Everyone tends to notice hair fall more when they wash or brush their hair but they do not cause hair loss, it is just more noticeable as these are times when you are concentrating on your hair specifically.

It does not mean more hairs are coming out than is normal, just that you are more focused on it and that moving the hair around can shake loose any hairs that have already shed as part of the hair growth cycle but are stuck in your hair and have not yet fallen to the ground.

It is possible for signs of male pattern baldness to start any time following puberty in those who have an inherited predisposition towards the condition. You mention that there is no family history of hair loss but this does not mean your family members do not carry the relevant genes. It is possible for people to have, and pass on, these genes when they are dormant – meaning no visible hair shedding – but for them to become active – meaning visible hair loss – in other family members due to everyone’s unique DNA makeup.

From what you have said, what sounds most likely to be the issue, and the first thing for you to address here is your diet. A diet that is lacking in vitamins and minerals can cause thinning hair and can also make the hair look dull and dry as it is not getting the nutrition it needs to appear healthy and vital.

The best thing to do is to look into eating a more balanced diet. If you feel like you are still not getting all the necessary nutrients from your food, topping up with a dietary supplement such as Hair Vitalics can help.

If you are still concerned about male hair loss in a few months time we suggest you contact a specialist for a full consultation, diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

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