I'm Scared of Blood Tests so Self-Diagnosed my Alopecia Areata'

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Question: I read an awesome article on your blog. I self diagnosed my self with the Alopecia areata condition a lot of my hair in the back of my head is out and its spreading I'm scared of treatment by a dermatologist bloods tests and stuff..... I now know what to expect.

Answer: Hi, Keith. We're glad you find our hair loss blog helpful, however we would strongly recommend you visit a hair loss specialist to get a professional diagnosis of your condition.

Blood TestIf you do have Alopecia Areata an expert will be able to spot this without the need for blood tests, and if it turns out to be a different hair loss condition they can provide you with a prognosis for that instead. This could, after all, be something as simple and easy-to-treat as a thinning crown caused by male pattern baldness.

If it does turn out to be as you suspect, treatment for Alopecia Areata in its mild to moderate stage can be particularly effective - and no needles or injections are involved at all, you'll be pleased to hear! We do recommend that once you have a diagnosis of AA, you get a blood test from your GP just to check for any deficiencies or anomalies but this is up to you.

At Belgravia we treat clients with this autoimmune disorder with one of a range of high strength minoxidil products that are available from our clinics and form part of a bespoke treatment plan tailored to the client's personal needs. This solution is a topical medication that you apply straight to your scalp only in the areas where the hair loss is occurring to help accelerate blood flow and the hair growth process.

You can find many examples of Belgravia clients who have achieved impressive regrowth results in our Alopecia Areata Treatment Success Stories gallery.

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