I'm Not Sure if I Have a Receding Hairline'

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Question: Hi, I'm 17 and I'm not sure if my hair is receding, as my hairline has always been very set back since i was very young, and my grandad’s hairline is very similar and he still has a reasonable amount of hair in his 70’s. I wasn’t bothered about my hairline until i realized my hair is thinning on the sides of my head, it has always been like this, but it is still making me really worried. The hair on the top and back of my head is really thick. Thanks.

Widow's Peak - Receding Hairline at the TemplesAnswer: Hi, George. It sounds as if you have a natural widow's peak hairline. This is when the front of your hair forms a V or M shape and many men's hair grows this way naturally - like the singer, Sam Smith, for example; it is not always a sign of hair loss.

Should the hair at the temples start to thin, or the V or M shape of the hairline becomes more pronounced, this would then be classed as a receding hairline. It is unlikely that your hairline would be significantly receding at your age, however, it is not impossible as this type of receding is caused by male pattern baldness which can start at any time following puberty.

Another thing to consider is that teenagers' hairlines can change very slightly as their face matures during puberty so, whilst this would not account for the hair thinning, if your hairline is changing shape, a maturing hairline may be the reason. This is a natural part of growing up and is not classed as hairloss.

As you are 17, time is most definitely on your side when it comes to dealing with any hair loss you may be experiencing and it is good that you are being vigilant if it is something you want to avoid. However, do try not to worry about it as stress can make hair thinning worse. Also, there are effective treatments for a receding hairline so you have options available to you if you are diagnosed with male hair loss.

Whilst the tablet finasteride 1mg taken daily to deter DHT in cases of male pattern baldness is only available for prescription to suitable men aged 18 and over, it has not been proven in relation to frontal hair loss.

To find out for sure what is happening with your hair, we recommend you have a free consultation with a hair loss specialist. Once you have a clear idea of your situation and professional advice, including appropriate treatment recommendations, you will at least be able to choose how to move forward and put your mind at rest.

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