I'm Losing My Body Hair, Is It Caused by Masturbation?'

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Question: my age is now 19 .. i started masturbation at age 12 and my hair loss start at age 14 now still 5 years still heavy hair loss .. body hair loss .. plzzz help me plzz :'(

Hair Loss - BrushAnswer: Hi Vicky, if you are losing body hair - either with or without hair loss from your scalp - we would advise you to speak to your doctor as it is likely that this is Alopecia Universalis.

Alopecia Universalis is an autoimmune condition which causes the entire body to become hair-free from head to toe. It has no symptoms other than this baldness and - just to be clear - your hair loss and masturbation habits are not in any way linked. Alopecia Universalis, as well as its related and less severe condition, Alopecia Areata, occur when the body mistakenly attacks its own hair follicles.

Whilst sometimes this can rectify itself of its own accord, this is not always the case. Alopecia Areata, characterised by patchy hair loss of the scalp only, can sometimes worsen, progressing into Alopecia Totalis which can affect the whole head, including losing facial hair such as eyebrows and eyelashes, or Alopecia Universalis.

Unlike Alopecia Areata, which Belgravia has seen many successful regrowth stories for from the use of topically-applied doses of high strength minoxidil, there is nothing so effective available for these more extreme conditions yet. Although many treatments for Alopecia Universalis are being trialled at the moment, none have yet been approved. We do not treat Alopecia Universalis at Belgravia and, as before, recommend you speak to your GP for a diagnosis and advice.

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