I'm Losing Hair at the Sides of My Fringe, Can You Help?'

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Question: I'm loosing hair at an alarming rate at the sides of my fringe, I'm 17 going on 18 very soon and my friends and family have noticed this I don't know what's brought this on but can anyone help ?


Hi, Alan. Although it tends to occur more often between your 20s and 30s onwards, male pattern baldness can strike in your late teens too.

What you describe sounds like a receding hairline which is a classic sign of male hair loss. However, it may be something much more simple - a maturing hairline.

This is where the hairline changes during puberty and is often mistaken for hairloss. If your hairline already formed a widow's peak naturally, this may well be the reason it appears to be changing shape now.

If you do have MPB, then treatment for a receding hairline in the form of topical applications of high strength minoxidil which is applied directly to the affected areas to stimulate growth, is generally recommended. This is suitable for use by both men and women who are 16 years old and over, so you are eligible for this treatment although you would need to speak to a hair loss specialist who could assess your personal suitability.

We would advise you to obtain a professional diagnosis of your condition, either in person or, if you are unable to visit one of our Central London hair loss clinics in person, then by using our online consultation. This way you can get the personalised hair loss advice you need as well recommendations for a specially tailored treatment plan, if needed.

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