I'm 16 and Have a Receding Hairline From Operations and Stress'

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Question: I’m only 16 and my hairline has started receding mainly due to having a few operations and stress is there any creams that I could use?

Hair Loss Following an OperationAnswer: Hi Anthony. Although a receding hairline is generally caused by male pattern hair loss, there is a chance this may be Telogen Effluvium - a hair loss condition caused by stress and can follow surgery. It is a temporary hair loss condition which lasts up to 12 months and causes the hair to shed more than normal. Your hair should regrow naturally although treatment for Telogen Effluvium may help to speed this up.

Changes to your hairline are natural in your teenage years as, when we grow our faces change and our hairlines adapt accordingly. This sometimes causes the hairline to become less rounded but is known as a 'maturing hairline', not male pattern baldness as there is no miniaturisation of the hair follicles (the process which causes genetic hair loss).

Of course you could be experiencing early signs of Male Pattern Baldness so the best thing to do would be to make an appointment to see a hair loss specialist or complete our Online Consultation to get a professional diagnosis.

The clinically-proven treatment minoxidil can help to treat premature hair loss and is suitable for people aged 16 and over. This has produced significant regrowth results in many Belgravia clients with a receding hairline and can also be paired with hair growth boosters to complement this treatment and improve the condition of your hair.

We recommend you try to deal with managing the cause of your stress and, if you want to seek treatment, you'll be pleased to hear there are options available to teenagers with hair loss.

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