I'm 13 and Have a Small Bald Spot on My Receding Hairline'

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Question: Hello, I am 13 and I have had a receding hairline since I was a young kid. On My hairline there is a small bald spot in the middle of the hairline, the rest of my hair is thick all around so I am unsure what is happening?

An Example of Alopecia Areata Before and After Treatment An example of Alopecia Areata hair loss on the hairline, pictured before and after treatment


Hi, Josh. From what you describe it sounds like this may be something called Alopecia Areata which is a very common hair loss condition caused by an autoimmune disorder.

This may also give you the appearance of a receding hairline too, as it is highly unlikely this could be caused by male pattern baldness so early on in your teens. Premature hair loss can occur but this is generally confined to the late teenage years and early 20's - basically any time after puberty has ended.

Alopecia Areata is believed to affect around 2 per cent of the population worldwide and can happen to men, women and children. Although the precise cause is unknown, triggers are believed to include sudden shock or trauma and, in order to protect itself, the hair growth cycle shuts down hair production in patches.

This is what causes the often rounded bald spots which can be big or small, single or multiple, that generally appear quite suddenly. Once the body believes there is no threat anymore it sends the signal to resume normal hair growth and the cycle starts up again, which is when the hair starts to grow back.

As such, in many cases the hair will often recover from naturally in time and there is alopecia areata treatment available but this is only suitable for those aged 16 years and over.

As you are under 16 we recommend you speak to your parents or guardian about this and visit your GP so that they can properly examine you. We wish you the very best of luck.

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