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‘If I Remove All My Hair Will My Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss Stop?’


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Itchy ScalpName: Vikram

Question: From last one month I have itchy scalp and and my hair is falling too much… I wanted to know that if I remove all my hair will my problem get solved or not.

Answer: Hi, Vikram. Your hair loss will not be solved by shaving your head completely, it will simply be less noticeable until regrowth starts to come through.

In terms of your itchy scalp, whether or not you shave your head is unlikely to have any bearing on this. It is important to get to the root cause of why your head is itching in the first place in order to know what will make it stop, as there are a number of issues which can cause both hair loss and an itchy scalp.

It is also possible that you may have an existing hair loss condition, such as male pattern baldness, which is being made worse by a scalp condition. Some men find that when they are about to experience hair shedding their scalp can tingle – this is due to something called Burning Scalp Syndrome and is nothing to worry about. It will not, however, be resolved by shaving your head.

The best thing to do would be to have a specialist examine your scalp in order to diagnose the cause of the itching and hair fall, then recommend hair loss treatments and clinical treatments or home-use medicated shampoos, where appropriate. In the meantime, wash your hair regularly – ideally every day – using a gentle shampoo and avoid using any other products on your scalp until you have been assessed by a professional.

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