If I Change My Poor Lifestyle Habits Will My Hair Loss Stop?'

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Question: I noticed my hairfall has been slightly more than before. I have admittedly, had a sub-par diet recently, lack of exercise and sleep deprivation/abnormal sleeping patterns. If I am able to change my habits for the better, will this reverse my hair loss problem/at least delay or halt it?

Belgravia Centre Male Hair Loss Treatment minoxidil and Hair Vitalics for Men Hair Growth vitamin supplementsAnswer: Hi, Sy. Whilst whether it stops further hair loss is hard to say as it depends on the cause of your shedding, improving these habits is definitely likely to have a positive impact on your hair.

If you are experiencing more hair fall than usual from all over your scalp this could well be a case of Telogen Effluvium. This is a temporary condition that can be triggered by some of the bad habits you mention, especially dietary imbalances and lack of sleep, which is a form of stress - a well-known cause of hairloss. If those habits become extreme or on-going on a long-term basis, the condition can also become chronic.

The hair should grow back on its own within at least six months from the first signs of shedding. Resolving these underlying lifestyle issues should help to promote healthy regrowth and stop this from happening again. Telogen Effluvium treatment to help kick start and accelerate the regrowth process is also available.

If the shedding is limited solely to areas around the top of your scalp, or if you are developing a receding hairline, this is more likely to be Male Pattern Baldness. This is a genetic hair loss condition but can be exacerbated or even triggered by the habits you outline. By resolving these issues and having a hair loss specialist tailor a bespoke plan for you, you may stabilise shedding and promote regrowth. Male hair loss treatment courses featuring effective, clinically-proven components which can be tailored to your precise needs.

It is possible to have more than one hair loss condition simultaneously. Telogen Effluvium or Chronic Telogen Effluvium may present alongside Male Pattern Hair Loss. This would display as all over thinning which is more intense along the top of the scalp and hairline. If you are concerned about the level of shedding you are experiencing it is worth having a consultation at a dedicated hair loss clinic so that you can receive a professional diagnosis and advice, as well as treatment recommendations.

In addition to pharmaceutical treatments, if you feel your diet may be lacking balance, a hair health food supplement such as Hair Vitalics for Men can act as a nutritional support, although should not be seen as a replacement for a varied diet.

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