I Need Professional Hair Loss Advice on Diffuse Thinning'

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Question: Diffuse thinning all over head. What your professional opinion. Thnx

Professional Hair Loss Advice About Thinning Hair Thinning Hair Can Be Caused by a Number of Hair Loss Conditions


Hello Tash. If you are experiencing thinning all over the top of your head, this could be genetic hair loss. Shedding from this type of hereditary hair loss condition, more commonly known as Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss, affects the top of the head only.

If the diffuse hair loss appears equally spread all over the entire scalp, this is likely to be a condition known as Chronic Telogen Effluvium - or Telogen Effluvium if it has lasted less than six months. It causes an excessive amount of hair fall, whereas hereditary hair loss tends to have a slightly slower rate of hair fall, although the follicles remain unaffected.

Chronic TE is sometimes called 'Diffuse Thinning' or 'Diffuse Hair Loss' and is generally the result of prolonged stress - whether emotional or physical. It can also be a side effect of medical conditions, such as thyroid issues and anaemia.

Diet can be a contributing factor to hair thinning caused by both these hair loss conditions. It is worth ensuring you are getting the right nutrients via your food, or consider taking a dietary supplement such as Hair Vitalics to strengthen your hair from the inside out.

There are hair loss treatments available for all these conditions so the next step would be to visit a hair loss specialist or complete our Online Consultation to get a professional diagnosis. That way your specific hair loss condition can be identified and a dedicated expert can provide you with recommendations for a bespoke treatment plan.

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