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The celebrity craze for hair transplants has led to some rather strange attitudes to hair loss and its various treatments of late, particularly as many people see hair transplant surgery as the only way to correct a receding hair line. High profile surgery adherents including Wayne Rooney, Louis Walsh and Gordon Ramsay all had hair transplants.

As a result many men who notice hair loss may think of surgical solutions to their balding without properly investigating the alternatives. One man who posted on another hair loss blog is actually wanting to increase his hairloss so that he can undergo surgery sooner.

Hair Transplant Surgery - Let's Consider the Alternatives

Before-and-after photos of Wayne Rooney certainly reveal a dramatic change in his hairline following the well-publicised transplant operation and there is little doubt that the results were initially impressive.

Rooney’s hair loss problems were much more high profile than most people's would be so perhaps he opted for one expensive course of action without considering other, highly effective and reasonably priced options. Perhaps this applies to other celebrities experiencing hair loss too.

Retain and Regrow, Not Replace

Rather than rushing to lose hair so that a transplant can be initiated, a better course of action is to look into maintaining existing hair and wherever possible promoting various degrees of regrowth. Unfortunately many people believe that once lost, hair is gone forever, but there are medically proven treatments that make that statement untrue.

Treating Hair Loss Effectively

Our track record of success in treating hair loss has helped The Belgravia Centre attain the highly coveted distinction of being the UK’s leading hair loss clinic. We have a long list of satisfied clients from all walks of life, and many success stories.

The Belgravia Centre also offers international customers access to their expertise and treatment through a specialised mail order system. Using our online diagnostic form, men and women can obtain a confidential treatment plan, including medications, which can then be mailed anywhere in the world.

So there's no need to pull your hair out if you notice hair loss. Contact us to find out more about restoring your locks, without resorting to surgery, or spending large sums of money. Your first appointment comes free with no obligation.

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