I Have Slightly Thinning Hair; Will I See Fast Treatment Results?'

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Name: Derek

Question: Hello so I am a 20 year old African American male and I am noticing some slight thinning on my temple hairs. I looked at your website and have seen quite a few black men regrow their temple hair. Can I start your treatment right away to get good results. Also since my case is minor, can I see fast results. Thank you

Receding Hairline TreatmentAnswer: Hi, Derek. This sounds like a classic case of male pattern hair loss so there are two treatment options open to you and a range of hair growth boosters you can use too.

As you hair is thinning around your temples, following a consultation with a hair loss specialist who will provide a professional diagnosis of your condition, an appropriate course of hair loss solutions suitable for treating a receding hairline will be recommended.

There are two MHRA licensed and FDA approved genetic hair loss treatments for men, which each have different actions. Whilst the topical solution can help to promote hair growth and can therefore be beneficial in treating a receding hairline, the oral tablet has not been proven to be effective in relation to frontal hair loss.

As it is used to inhibit the substance in the body - DHT - which causes the hair to thin in cases of male pattern hair loss - it can still be useful in tackling this condition, and a specialist will discuss this with you in detail.

In terms of a general guide to the standard timeline in which results - from stabilisation of shedding to noticeable hair growth - may occur after starting treatment, this is linked to the hair growth cycle so a minimum of three to four months is normally advised.

This can take six months or more for men whose hair loss is more advanced - particularly around the hairline as this is the slowest area to regrow - but if yours is still in the early stages then, assuming there are no other exacerbating factors at play, this should not take quite so long, as long as you use your treatment consistently and as directed. Your personal regrowth chances and an estimated timeline to see these changes can be discussed during your consultation but for more general information you can also read our Guide to Levels of Regrowth from Hair Loss Treatment.

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