I Have Had an Itchy Head and Hair Loss for 9 Years'

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Question: Please ,tell me proper treatment for itching and hair loss .same problem I have been facing since last 9 years.

Answer: Hi, Vikas. In this instance we would ideally need more information about your conditions in order to be able to help you.

Help with an itchy head and hair lossWe suggest you book a free consultation at one of our Central London hair loss clinics, or if your location prevents this, please fill in our online consultation form. This way we can provide you with more personalised advice as to any hair loss condition you may be experiencing.

Given the duration and how common the condition is, this is likely to be Male Pattern Baldness due to its permanent and progressive nature, but a consultation would be needed to confirm this. In cases of male hair loss a hormone byproduct called DHT constantly attacks the hair follicles around the top of the head, weakening them and leading to thinning hair as well as eventual baldness.

Although there are clinically-proven treatments available, if this is the case with you, given you have been experiencing hair loss for nine years now, the level of your thinning would need to be assessed in order to decide whether you are suitable for hair loss treatment. This is because once DHT-ravaged follicles have deteriorated beyond a certain point, true baldness sets in - where the follicles die and the skin takes on a shiny appearance - meaning treatment is no longer an option.

Although there are links between an itchy scalp and hair loss, as the itching - which we presume is in your scalp - is so persistent and has lasted for many years we recommend you have your doctor check this too.

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