I Have Excessively Thinning Hair on Top of My Head'

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Name: Sudeep

Question: There is an excessive hair loss on the top back of my head..i am 20 years old i can easily recognise the thinning of hair on the top back of my head..please suggest me

Answer: Hi, Sudeep. From what you say here, this sounds likely to be male pattern hair loss though we would advise a consultation in order to confirm this diagnosis.

This hereditary condition can cause excessive hair loss and thinning anywhere along the top of the scalp, from crown to hairline, at any time following puberty.

The thinning crown and vertex thinning (thinning hair on top) that you mention are classic signs of this genetic condition and are the result of a predisposed sensitivity to a substance in the body called DHT. In cases of male pattern baldness this enzyme latches on to the hair follicles in the areas previously mentioned - along the top of the scalp from crown to hairline and temples. It gradually weakens and overpowers these follicles, causing the outward appearance of increasingly thinning hair over time. This can also develop into eventual baldness.

There are MHRA licensed and FDA approved hair loss solutions for this condition; these include the once-per-day tablet, finasteride 1mg, which is used to block the formation of DHT, and topical preparations of high strength minoxidil which are designed to promote hair growth.

These established options can be used individually or in tandem as part of a male hair loss treatment course which may also contain supplementary hair growth supporting products.

In order to ascertain a confirmed diagnosis of your condition and recommendations for the best hair loss treatments for your specific situation, we recommend having a consultation with a hair specialist.

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