fbpx I have cutaneous lupus, can I get help with you guys?
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I have cutaneous lupus, can I get help with you guys?


cortizone injectionName: Yesenia

Question: I have cutaneous lupus and my hair is extremely falling. I have done 2 sets of cortisone shots but my hair is still falling. Can I get help with you guys?

Answer: I’m afraid we don’t treat this type of hair loss, as Lupus is difficult to treat using hair loss medication. The best thing to do would be to discuss your condition with your dermatologist, who may be able to shed some light on it. You must be under the care of a consultant if you have had the cortisone shots, so this shouldn’t be too hard to arrange. You could ask your dermatologist if minoxidil would be suitable for your individual case, and if they think it is worth a shot, it is the only clinically proven hair loss medication that can be used to treat hair loss in women.


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