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I have centrofugal alopecia. Is that the same as female pattern hairloss?

african-american-women-suffering-hair-lossName: Anne

Question: I have centrofugal alopecia. Is that the same as female pattern hairloss and can your centre help me?

Answer: Central centrofugal cicatricial alopecia, to give it its full name, is a different type of hair loss to female pattern alopecia. CCCA is an inflammatory form of scarring alopecia that occurs mainly on the vertex of the scalp. There is no hard and fast rule as to what causes the condition, but factors such as genetics, chemicals used on the hair, traction damage and hot combing/relaxing methods can be to blame.

Once follicles have scarred (the scalp will appear smooth and shiny in areas where this has happened) treatment will not be effective. However, using minoxidil can help to prevent the condition worsening and, in some cases, regrow hair in areas where there is some degree of growth remaining. A hair loss specialist would be able to determine what results could be potentially achievable in your specific case, and a bespoke hair loss treatment plan could be compiled. You should also cease to use any styling methods that might make your condition worse, such as tight braiding or other hairstyles that put pressure on the hair follicle, do not relax hair more frequently than every eight weeks, and leave the product on for 20 minutes no closer than 1 cm to the scalp surface, and do not use relaxer with hair dyes or other straightening treatments.


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