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I have been diagnosed with frontal fibrosing alopecia. What do you advise?

frontal fibrosing alopecia microscopeName: Diogo

Question: I have been diagnosed with frontal fibrosing alopecia. What do you advise please?

Answer: Frontal fibrosing alopecia is a rare type of scarring hair loss. Sadly, there is no known reliable treatment in terms of regrowing hair due to this type of alopecia, based on the fact that once a hair follicle has scarred,  hair cannot be regrown from it. I would recommend that you visit your GP, who may be able to advise you or refer you to a dermatologist.

It’s also worth mentioning that a hair transplant is not usually deemed suitable for scarring alopecia, based on the idea that the transplanted hair could be affected by the alopecia too. A good hairstyle can often help to conceal frontal hair loss, so talking to your hairdresser could also be useful.


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