I have bald patches from tying my hair back - can you help?

Posted by Jonny Harris

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Question: Hello I'm 28 and have worn my hair in tight hairstyles since I was a child I have curly frizzy hair that has always been really thick and hard 2 style but over the last 2 years I have lost over half my hair as it falls out in quite big clumps when washed and brushed. My main concern is I have 2 BIG bald patches at the bottom near my neck where I have pulled my hair too tight and it's really getting me down it's very noticeable and people often comment on it. Is there any treatment for the bald patches as I'm scared it will never grow back please help!

traction alopecia Before/AfterAnswer: It sounds like the reason for your hair loss is a condition called Traction Alopecia (click on the link for more information). It's hair loss caused by tension on the follicles, so if you have tied your hair up and caused your hair at the back to be under constant pressure, this is most likely what has caused the bald patches.

An alternative possibility is Alopecia Areata, but your comments about pulling your hair too tight make it most likely that Traction Alopecia is the cause.

Depending on the severity of damage to the follicles it might be possible to grow hair back at the areas of loss. Here are some before/after photos of women with traction alopecia that have used a Belgravia treatment course - TRACTION ALOPECIA PHOTOS.

I would advise that you visit the centre for a consultation, which is free and can be arranged by messaging the centre or calling us on 020 7730 6666.

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Posted by Jonny Harris

In this article: General Hair Loss