I Have a High Forehead and Thinning Hair'

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Question: Hi, I’m 15 and have noticed my hair thinning and I have a very high forehead. It almost seems as if my hair is missing from the front when I pretend to do a man bun style. Even to quiff my hair it looks like there’s no hair at the start of my hairline.

Answer: Hi, Danraj. Many people do have a high forehead - this is entirely normal and nothing to worry about; it is not an indicator of hair loss.

If you are concerned that you have thinning hair, given your age we would recommend making sure you are eating a balanced diet to ensure your hair receives the necessary nutrients needed to stay strong and healthy and also be sure to get enough sleep. If you are concerned that your diet may not be covering all bases, you can top it up with a targeted food supplement such as Hair Vitalics, but this should be used in addition to eating sensibly, not instead of.

Although the most common cause of thinning - genetic hair loss (male pattern baldness) - can start to occur any time following puberty, dietary imbalances, lack of sleep and also stress and bad habits such as smoking can all contribute to thinning hair.

If your hair does not improve over the next year then it is possible to be treated with a minoxidil-only hair loss treatment course bolstered by appropriate hair growth boosters, once you are 16 years of age. However, hopefully addressing any discrepancies in your lifestyle habits now will deal with the problem.

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