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Name: Roger

Question: I have been with Belgravia for a couple of years now and my results have been great although recently I am finding it hard to be diligent about using my treatments (I have MPB). When I first got them I was really excited to see what results I would get so I used them every day, exactly as I was told to by my Treatment Advisor but now I've had some good regrowth and am basically maintaining it so it's not as exciting anymore and I often can't be bothered. I know that sounds bad but it's the truth. I still come in for my clinical treatments as I very much enjoy those but for the past few months I've only been using my treatments when I remember which is probably every other day and maybe not at all on weekends. So my question is will this have a drastic impact on my maintenance plan? I know you have to use the treatments to keep them working but do you have to use them everyday? Thanks in advance.

Customer Service at The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic LondonAnswer: Hi, Roger. This is a fairly common issue whereby, much like starting a new fitness regime or following a new diet, once the novelty has worn off it can be hard to keep your personal momentum up. This is especially if you have experienced stabilisation along with what's likely to be your maximum regrowth and are in a position of then working to maintain it and prevent any further hair loss.

Whilst we recommend you speak directly to your Treatment Advisor about this as there may be elements of your hair loss treatment course which can be tailored to make things easier for you, there are some general pointers we can give you here to make it seem less of a chore.

Keep your finasteride 1mg tablets and minoxidil in accessible location (out of reach of children) so that you can take them at approximately the same time each day, when you wake up or before you go to bed. You can also set an alarm on your phone to help you remember. High strength minoxidil should take no more than five minutes to apply so if you find it is taking longer ask for a refresher demonstration next time you visit the centre for a clinical therapy session. If you use a LaserComb we have heard from a number of clients that they keep the device in their car so they can use it when they're stuck in traffic!

If you are finding twice a day too hard to manage with your minoxidil applications, speak to your treatment advisor about whether a once-per-day formula may be suitable for you. There is generally some wiggle-room so that each treatment course can be personalised to provide optimal solutions that work effectively for both your hair loss and your lifestyle needs. You just have to let us know precisely what your ideal is so that we can let you know what realistic options are available without compromising on regrowth results.

Finasteride 1mg Aindeem tabletsIn terms of whether regularly skipping treatments or not following your original regrowth plan as directed, I'm afraid the answer is yes - if you have not been using them consistently for months it is likely you will soon start to see some extra hair fall and thinning; you may even have started to see some signs already.

When it comes to any pharmaceuticals, including hair loss treatments, consistency and following the instructions provided on how and when to take them are key. You need to ensure the levels of these medications in your blood stream remain steady and constant in order for them to be effective and, obviously, if you are missing doses here and there, your levels will fluctuate. This potentially leaves the door open for the DHT, which leads to hair loss in cases of male pattern baldness, to continue attacking the follicles again.

Once you start to take your treatments normally again you may experience a short period of extra shedding but this is completely normal and is often a good sign, showing that they are doing their job and making room for new hair to grow through.
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