I Fear I May Have a Receding Hairline'

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Question: I’ve always had a high hairline and I have quite a lot of hair, not thick, but I’ve always had non-thick hair. However, I’ve noticed that my hairline is quite high on the sides of my head whenever I pin them back to examine. I don’t know if I’m losing my hair for sure but I fear I am. It’s one of my biggest fears in life.  I’m 22. Both my dad and brother have lost theirs, but my dad constantly reminds me that he and my brother were both younger than me when they started losing theirs.

Answer: Hi, Matthew. As you know that hereditary hair loss definitely runs in your family, you may be more inclined to worry about it happening to you. However, whilst it is extremely common for it to be passed on, it is not always the case. Also, if it is passed on, the age at which it can start can differ from person to person, as can the rate of shedding.

For those with the active genes that designate male pattern baldness, the hair can start to thin around the top of the head or cause a receding hairline from any time following puberty. As you mention your hairline is high on the sides, it sounds as if you have a widow's peak. Many people confuse this with hairloss, but it is actually just a natural hairline shape. If the sides start to move further back, making the 'M' or 'V' shape of the peak more pronounced, this is a sign of male hair loss.

In order to set your mind at rest we recommend you have a hair loss specialist assess you. This can be done in person or online if you are not able to visit one of our Central London clinics, and is a free service. Following your consultation you will be provided with recommendations for hair loss treatment, if appropriate. It is often possible to treat a receding hairline and we have found that topical applications of appropriate high strength minoxidil formulations from the range available at our in-clinic pharmacies, can often have a significant effect on this stubborn area.

Do try not to worry about your hair in the meantime as stress may accelerate any shedding and there are treatment and prevention options available to you if you discover you are losing it.

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