I Can't Find a Bad Word about Provillus - Is What You Say True?



Question: I'm confused - I've been on every review site on net and can't find a bad comment about Provillus, only rival brands. All blogs come out good. Could there be something in this product that works? I just want the best. please be honest.

Confused about Hair Loss*the above question was a comment in reply to our 'PROVILLUS - UNPROVEN FOR HAIR LOSS' article*

Answer: Hi Patrick. Thanks for your comment. On belgraviacentre.com we state the facts about hair loss products, we’re not looking to make negative remarks about a product for any reason other than ensuring the general public are aware of the ones that are likely the work and the ones that aren’t. If you research yourself you will see that all of our information on Provillus is completely accurate. Most of the websites that recommend Provillus either sell the product themselves or receive commission for every click they get to a website that sells the product. Unfortunately we find this causes many websites to exaggerate the effectiveness of the product they are selling. Here is a story related to HAIR LOSS PRODUCT RANKING WEBSITES that will be useful to you.

Provillus is a supplement and has similar ingredients to a number of other supplements including Procerin and Hair Vitalics. Hair Vitalics is Belgravia's own hair loss supplement and as you will see in all of our literature about Hair Vitalics, we do not advise it as a suitable product to use alone for preventing hair loss. For hair loss prevention there are only two treatments and one device that are proven you can find more information on the proven treatments on our hair loss treatments page.

There are products in Provillus that could help to maintain and improve the condition of the hair but there is nothing proven for hair loss prevention. Saw Palmetto is a product contained in both Provillus and Hair Vitalics that is thought to assist in the slowing of hair loss, but there is no firm evidence to say that it is effective to this cause.

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