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“…I call it my ‘wonder’ lotion…”

Ms Harte is a Belgravia Centre home use patient who has products sent to her home and deals with her dedicated hair loss specialist and treatment advisor on the phone and internet. For this reason, she has no ‘before and during treatment’ photo-scans. For more details of our home use services, please submit an online diagnostic form.

“It is a year now since I first started using the Belgravia hair treatment and I am very pleased with the results. Although my hair has always been very fine, I had lots of it until the past few years when I noticed the hair on the top seemed thinner and I could see my scalp in certain light. I have kept it short for the past few years but now am able to wear it longer again which I am very pleased about and my confidence has increased dramatically. I call it my ‘wonder’ lotion and am so happy that I can actually see positive results. Having persevered with N******* tablets for 18 months and no difference whatsoever, I was a little sceptical when I first started this treatment, but would highly recommend it to anybody with thinning hair.”

Janet Harte

Diagnosis:  Female Pattern Hair Loss

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