Hugh Laurie Adopts An Unusual Hair Loss Disguise

Hugh Laurie Crown The Belgravia Centre

Revellers at the recent Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans were treated to the sight of funny man and House star Hugh Laurie dressed as King Bacchus. Laurie was guest of honour for the annual procession, playing the part of the ‘King of the Floats’ for this year’s ‘Bacchus Explores Our Sportsman’s Paradise’ themed procession.

However garish Laurie’s regal robes may have been, his crown did little to hide the signs of his rapidly-spreading bald patch. Just like half of all men his age, Laurie is experiencing significant hair loss, in the form of male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness a common problem for gods and men

Male pattern baldness, also known as Androgenic Alopecia, is the most common hair loss condition in the world. Men affected by the condition experience a spreading bald patch at the top (vertex) of the head, often coupled with a receding hairline that, when left unchecked, eventually merges to leave the whole top of the head bald.

Because male pattern baldness is caused by a genetic predisposition, the speed of hair loss is completely different from case to case. In Hugh Laurie’s case, the 54 year-old seems to have a relatively aggressive case of Androgenic Alopecia, leading to some quite dramatic hair loss over recent years.

Like many other men, the hair loss could have an impact on Laurie’s self-confidence, hence the attempts to hide his bald patch under his royal crown.

Pattern baldness can affect queens too

Perhaps less well-known is the fact that women too can be affected by Androgenic Alopecia. In both men and women the hormone testosterone is converted into an androgen called DHT. DHT attacks hair follicles in the scalp causing them to shrink so that hair cell growth is inhibited. Eventually the hairs get thinner and finer before falling out; the affected hair follicle also ‘dies’ off so that no further growth takes place.

The good news for Hugh Laurie is that pattern baldness can often be treated extremely successfully with a comprehensive, personal hair loss treatment plan. By seeking professional advice sooner rather than later, Laurie may be able to halt and reverse the hair loss altogether. And the same goes for any other man and woman affected by Androgenic Alopecia, god or mortal alike.

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