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Hugh Grant is the Latest Silver Fox, Should He Worry About Hair Loss?

hugh grant grey hair silver foxFor many, Hugh Grant is the very epitome of British foppishness, and you’ll almost certainly know him from such classic films as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and the Bridget Jones’s Diary movies. Having successfully reinvented himself as something of an activist for the group Hacked Off, at 52 Grant has also recently become quite the silver fox.

Seeing as just two weeks before, Grant was decidedly brunette for his appearance at the Get Reading Festival, it’s unclear whether he had been dyeing his hair for a role, or whether the silver hair itself is a bleach job. However, as he arrived at the Alpha Papa premier on Wednesday, Grant’s silvery do looked pretty natural, so it would seem that the star is embracing middle age and ditching the dye.

Hugh Are You Looking At?

So, might it follow that Grant would welcome a bald look, too? We don’t think so, but because hair loss becomes increasingly likely with age, how can Grant ensure that his trademark floppy-haired look can be drawn upon for future film roles? With another Bridget Jones book about to be released, presenting the possibility of Grant reprising his role as Daniel Cleaver, hair loss seems out of the question.

Speaking last year, Grant was seemingly relaxed about his age, saying: “Well, no one claps their hands at every birthday and thinks, “Good, I’m 51 now.” But it doesn’t keep me awake at night, I don’t think. You care less about everything. Or you care less about silly things.”

Dyeing to Age Gracefully

So, if Grant doesn’t want to spend time worrying about hair loss, how might be treat the first signs of it? A hair loss treatment plan that contains Propecia would be ideal if he notices any overall thinning hair, and adding in minoxidil can help regrow hair, with a high strength minoxidil cream being the best choice for treating a receding hairline.

The above two medications have both been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA for treating hair loss. Alongside these, Grant might consider using a variety of treatment boosters to ensure that his hair is kept in the best possible condition. These include the FDA cleared LaserComb, a device that can speed up the rate of regrowth, ensuring Grant can be his rom-com best for years to come.

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