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How To Tell Which Hair Loss Treatment Is Right For You

Women thinking about her optionsIt’s not easy dealing with hair loss and with so many products on the market all claiming to cure it, choosing a hair loss treatment that’s right for you doesn’t make the situation any easier. There are three main factors to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a product for hair loss: what form of treatment you want, what kind of hair loss you have, and what evidence there is to say this treatment will help your condition.

Shampoos – there are a range of shampoos that claim to help reduce hair loss and improve thickness. Generally what they do is use ingredients such as collagen which adhere to the shaft to temporarily increase thickness. They may be useful for people with naturally thin hair to give it a bit of oomph, but they cannot prevent any form of hair loss nor stop the balding process.

Topical Treatments – you’ll find some hair sprays and serums that are marketed toward those with thinning hair. Some use microfibers which cling to your natural hair and temporarily make hair appear thicker, others claim it’s their unique blend of vitamins, mineral extracts and protein that invigorates and stimulates hair growth. These products can be a good treatment system to use in conjunction with clinically proven hair loss treatments until they start to take effect, or perhaps to improve the appearance of hair, but they alone can’t fix the sole problem.

Herbal Supplements – daily hair supplements work to improve the hair health by delivering essential nutrients to the follicles. Hair loss in women is often linked to nutritional deficiencies and in such instances supplements may help. However, you should always check with a hair loss specialist to determine whether there may be other underlying medical conditions, or if the deficiency has triggered female pattern hair loss. Additionally, in some cases, overdosing on certain vitamins and minerals can lead to hair loss so always check with your doctor first before taking any supplement.

Prescription TreatmentsPropecia and minoxidil are the only treatments that have been subjected to extensive studies, proven to stabilise hair loss and generate hair growth, and licensed for that use. Usually minoxidil is available commercially without a prescription, but the Belgravia Centre pharmacy, which is a registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the only UK pharmacy dedicated solely to hair loss treatments, is able to add licensed anti-androgens. These have a similar effect to Propecia but unlike the daily oral treatment, minoxidil is a topical treatment available to women as well as men. Propecia and minoxidil work internally and locally where applied to address the root cause of hair loss, but you must see a hair loss specialist that is able to prescribe before obtaining these. Not only will you be able to get the right information regarding likely results and possible side effects, but you’ll be in the safe hands of a professional who will be able to advise whether this hair loss treatment really is right for you.

Hair Transplant
– Not everyone will be a good candidate for surgery; you must have realistic expectations, be prepared for the possibility of needing to use medications to maintain new hair growth, and still have a decent amount of hair left. A lot of the time, prescription hair loss treatments will be first recommended. Generally, those suitable for transplant are men who have been suffering male pattern baldness for more than five years whose hair loss has stabilised, or those who have lost their hair due to trauma or burns or other cosmetic procedures.

Laser Comb – One of the most important aspect of the HairMax LaserComb, apart from being completely safe, painless and with no side effects, it is simple to use and cost effective. You buy the device once and use it three times a week to increase blood flow and stimulate cell division within the hair follicles. The LaserComb is the only treatment of its kind to be cleared by the FDA for hair loss. For those who still have a fair amount of hair, the Laser Comb has shown the ability to thicken up hair growth by increasing the number of terminal hairs. However, its effectiveness differs from person to person, with the results dependent upon how far advanced the occurrence of hair loss and if any prescription hair loss treatments are also being used.

From shampoos to herbal supplements and from fancy combs to surgery, companies all over the world have come up with different solutions to hair loss solutions. To help you make the right decision when choosing a treatment that’s right for you, contact the Belgravia Centre, the UK’s leading specialists in hair loss. Call on 020 77390 6666 to book a free consultation and receive friendly, impartial, expert advice, or email us for more information. Alternatively, you could fill in the online diagnostic form for a personal hair loss analysis and take advantage of our knowledge from anywhere in the world.

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30th July, 2009 at 8:55 am

Short hairstyle

Lets not forget "stress" is a huge factor in hair loss. Overall I really like your article on the solutions you provide.

30th July, 2009 at 6:06 pm

eleanor boylan


31st July, 2009 at 8:58 am


Hi Mrs Boylan, If your hair is naturally thin, products like Nioxin can help hair appear fuller. However, from the pattern you described it sounds like it could be female pattern hair loss, a progressive condition where the hair thins on the top of the scalp. If this was the case and you were concerned about it, it would be worth considering clinically proven hair loss treatments, as there isn’t anything in Nioxin products that can reduce the progression of thinning hair or promote regrowth. If you are worried about thinning hair, I would urge you to visit the centre for a diagnosis and consultation or if you can’t make it into the centre, to fill in our online diagnostic form. The information you provide will allow our specialists to assess your condition and then recommend the most suitable treatment.

5th December, 2009 at 7:26 am

Sunita Sharma

I am 40 years old woman and my hair are falling since 6 years I came in Dubai. I am using hair creams, coconut oil regularly, but no result. Lossing is more than growing, consequently left with very thin hair. While shampooing my hand are full with my hair. My hair can be seen all over my home floor. I got broad face which looks too odd now with such thin hair on head. Please advise if I can get any good treatment in Dubai/Sharjah except hair transplantation. Thanks

8th December, 2009 at 10:22 am


It is very common for a person to move to another country and the change in the environment triggers Diffuse Hair Loss that persists. The stress of the initial hair loss also helps to perpetuate the problem and it may be the case that ongoing stress triggers Female Pattern (genetic) Hair Loss. As a result the hair grows back thinner and has a shorter life cycle, hence it falls out after a few months. The hair loss becomes progressively more severe; less and less hair grows back leaving the person with more visible scalp or less hair density. The person gets more stressed and cycle continues. Temporary or Diffuse Hair Loss does not continue for six years without any aggravating factor. If your health is good then it is most likely to be Female Pattern Hair Loss. Whether it is Diffuse Hair Loss or Female Pattern Hair Loss, the Belgravia Centre can offer a treatment tailored to suit you. Please note, if there is an underlying health condition, as is sometimes the case with Diffuse Hair Loss, this needs to be treated so that your hair loss treatment will be more effective. For women, we base most hair loss treatment courses around Minoxidil, the only product that has shown to be both safe and effective at treating female hair loss. The Belgravia Centre has an inhouse registered pharmacy that prepares three types of Minoxidil with added hair growth boosters. While the Belgravia Centre is unable to recommend any clinic in Dubai or Sharjah, we can provide our service online. If you complete and submit the Online Diagnostic Form, we can diagnose your condition via email or telephone and offer you a mail order treatment service.

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