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How To Style Thinning Hair While You Grow It Back

Thin is not in. Size zero is so five minutes ago and whether your wallet is looking thin, you’re skating on thin ice, or you’re starting to thin on top, any predicament that that is referred to as ‘thin’, is generally not a good one. When it comes to your crown, there are treatments that can help reverse the effects of thinning hair and you should look into these immediately. But in the meantime, you’ll need a few styling tips to help disguise your dilemma.

For Men

Some men shave their heads to deal with the thought of going bald but even if you’re treating the problem, it’s not a bad idea either, nor as counter-productive as it might seem. While not even Nicolas Cage could make the receding hairline fashionable, the shaved look is definitely in. By adopting a shorter crop until your hair starts to grow back and thicken up, you’ll be able to temporarily hide any indiscretions and attribute your new style to the fashion trend.

When it comes to hiding hair loss, the comb over is absolutely frowned upon. But celebrities such as Zac Efron and Brandon Routh may have helped us find a loophole for those with thinning locks.

Zac Efron and Brandon RouthThese days a lot of men are seen with longer, shaggy styles and if fashioned right it can help hide any areas of sparseness. While you’re waiting for the hair loss treatments to take effect, brush the hair forward or fashion into a messy faux-hawk to disguise the thinning areas but go easy on the hair gel. Use just enough to help hold your hair in place because too much may increase the shine of the scalp, making thinner areas more noticeable.

For Women

Although male hair loss can be spread throughout the entire scalp, it is usually centred on the top and at the temple area of the hairline. Women’s hair loss on the other hand is more commonly diffusely-spread. There are some easy styling tips women can adopt, however, that can hide the appearance of thinning while waiting for hair loss treatments to increase density again.

Thin hair should be kept short and tousledWhen it comes to healthy looking hair, it’s quality not quantity that counts. If you’re hair is thinning, keep it a short to medium length to avoid wispy fly-aways and consider a fringe to help draw attention to your face. If you prefer it long, try a side or zig-zag part to deter from the thinness on top of the scalp, experiment with up-do styles and use the hair as a whole to create the illusion of greater fullness. Avoid layers – this will not add volume and only take away from the density of your hair – but get some face-framing shaping done to keep the style fashionable. Finally, give your straightener a break and opt for a curly or natural finish to maximise the thickness of the hair.

Treating Thinning Hair

There are many ways men and women can style their hair to hide thinning areas, but they’ll only work for so long. There are many reasons why your hair might be thinning and while clinically proven products such as Propecia, minoxidil and even the HairMax LaserComb work to fix the problem at root level and regrow hair for most people, it is always recommended you seek professional advice for your unique circumstance and get the most suitable treatment for you.

Hair loss can be frightening at first but if you get the right advice and treatment early, you can mask the appearance of thinning hair while waiting for the treatment to take effect. Whether you stick to long styles, short or even shave your head for a while, no one need ever know that thinning hair was ever a problem.

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