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How to Prevent Hair Loss When Scalp is Oily


man shampooingName: Puneet

Question: I have been trying a lot of ways to prevent hair loss but the hair fall is not reducing. I am only 18 years old. Most of the parting looks bald and my scalp gets oily the day after I shampoo. Please suggest a remedy!

Answer: It’s normal for sebum (oil) production to be higher than usual during the teen years but the only solution to an oily scalp is regular shampooing. This will help to reduce the build up of oil, or sebum, in the scalp. Belgravia’s range of shampoos are perfect for treating different hair types, including oily hair.

However, an oily scalp does not cause hair loss. Likewise, daily shampooing does not cause or aggravate hair loss.

If you’re concerned about hair fall, the best thing to do is have your scalp and hair examined by a specialist to determine what’s causing the problem and what hair loss treatment would be most helpful to not only prevent further shedding, but also regrow any that’s already been lost.

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