How to Minimise Hair Breakage from Heated Styling Tools

Heated styling tools such as hair straighteners and curling tongs are a popular way to create new hairstyles without paying salon prices, but it’s important to use them safely.
Constant use of at-home stylers, including hair dryers, can sometimes lead to styling damage as excessive heat exposure may cause it to become brittle and snap.
Heat Styling Tools Can Cause Hair BreakageOnline magazine, Refinery 29 recently produced a guide to the best at-home heat styling advice for each hair type. Here we add some additional tips on how to avoid hair breakage when using these tools at home:

Heat styling by hair type

Fine hair

is particularly prone to damage from heat styling, especially at high temperatures, so choose tools with adjustable heat settings. Look for products with two or more heat options and use the lowest setting wherever possible.
Thick hair is more resilient than fine hair, so higher heat settings can be used. However, do not use hot tools on the hair for any longer than necessary. Choose a powerful hair dryer on a medium setting to reduce drying time and the likelihood of breakage.
Afro hair requires careful management, especially when heat styling, due to its texture and natural dryness. Use a low setting when blow drying and look for products which are ionic, as these can provide additional protection for Afro hair. A diffuser can also help to define curls whilst cutting down on drying time.

Protection tips for all hair types

Hair that breaks as a result of over-zealous heat styling should grow back naturally, but with careful management it should be possible to avoid the loss in the first place.

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