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How to Get the Best Results from Hair Loss Treatments

Discover how to get the best results from your hair loss treatmentsThere are a plethora of options available to address thinning hair but an holistic effort to combat hair loss is generally required to get the best results. Not all treatments will be right for everybody because each person’s condition will be slightly different to the next. This is a rough guide for men and women on how to maximise their hair loss treatment results.

The before / after images in this article are from the use of individually combined treatment courses based around the medically proven hair loss treatments with added hair growth boosters.

For Men

Nine times out of ten, hair loss in men can be attributed to genetics which is why Propecia is largely considered the single most effective treatment for male pattern baldness.

It is a one-a-day pill that targets the specific hormone by-product that causes the follicles on the scalp to shut down. Without affecting any other vital hormones, Propecia controls dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels until they no longer have a negative influence on the follicles’ function. Hair loss can be effectively stabilised and normal hair growth can continue.

Hair Loss Treatment Before After

The results you should expect depend on the extent of hair loss you had before taking the treatment. The best results are seen in men who start taking Propecia when their hair loss pattern resembles that of Type 3 on the Norwood Scale. This is because Propecia prevents hair loss and at this stage of progression, what has been lost could re-grow (Propecia users generally experience some degree of re-growth).

Receding Hairline

For those with a receding widow’s peak or whose hair loss that is further along the scale, minoxidil will help to gain better results. While Propecia works to stop hair loss, minoxidil stimulates the follicles and is proven to generate hair growth. High strength minoxidil is ideal for stubborn areas of hair loss such as the hairline, temples or crown and we stock a wide range of formulations of this topical product at Belgravia’s hairloss pharmacies. It can be applied directly to the areas of thinning and can influence significant regrowth.

Additionally, hair growth results can be maximised with use of the HairMax LaserComb. It is a personal, low-level laser device that is FDA-cleared for safety and works to divide the hair cells in order to generate new hair growth.

For Women

Hair loss in women tends to be a lot more complex than in men. It can be related to genes, medical conditions, affected by diet and weight-loss, childbirth and even stress. As such, a woman has a lot more things to consider when combating thinning hair.

To manage hair loss effectively and get the best results possible, the key is to determine what’s causing it. A professional diagnosis can be cheap (free at the Belgravia Centre) and easy but will help you determine the best way in which to obtain maximum hair growth results.

Female Hair Loss Before AfterEradicating, or at least controlling the cause, should bring about a decent reversal of hair loss. For example, if your hair loss is the result of medication, ask your doctor to switch you to something that doesn’t have the same side effect. If it’s stress that’s causing your hair to thin, juggle your schedule to make time for a stress-busting activity such as yoga or even a group sport. A balanced lifestyle is the key to avoiding unnecessary hair loss.

The core treatment for female hair loss is minoxidil. It is a topical treatment and stimulant that generates hair growth in most cases of women’s hair loss but there are ways to augment the product.

The HairMax LaserComb further encourages hair growth and makes the hair stronger by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles and allowing nutrients to be delivered to the cells. Women’s bodies tend to be under constant pressure and as their energy is delegated to certain functions, the hair growth cycle can sometimes suffer. Extra dietary support, specifically for healthy hair, can be beneficial at such times. Hair supplements are even worthwhile for women who aren’t losing their hair, to give their hair care regime a boost. And while they won’t prevent hair loss, hair supplements are an integral part of a woman’s hair loss treatment program to provide optimal conditions for healthy hair growth.



Hair loss treatment success differs from person to person, from voluminous to minimal results. The results will depend on how far advanced the occurrence of hair loss is and if a holistic approach and combination of effective treatments are being employed. If you know for sure what’s causing your hair to fall out you’re more likely to chose a hair loss treatment that will be most effective for you. And now you know how to get the best results from it too.

If you’d like more information, or you’d like to book a consultation with a Belgravia hair loss specialist, contact us or call 020 7730 6666. You also have the opportunity to receive expert advice and treatment from anywhere in the world via the online diagnostic form. By providing the required information, along with a photograph of your scalp, a specialist can diagnose your condition and recommend the best approach that will give you superior hair growth success.

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27th May, 2009 at 5:33 pm


There are people who have used Propecia for years and haven't had the kind of results you're talking about...

28th May, 2009 at 1:40 pm


It is true that Propecia is not a miracle cure for baldness. It has a very specific purpose which is why we emphasise the benefits of a combination and even holistic approach to combating hair loss. In the five-year, placebo controlled clinical study that proved the safety and efficacy of Propecia, not everyone was able to stop hair loss and re-grow their hair, but here are the facts from that study: • 1 out of 10 men who use Propecia may not see visible results, but 9 in 10 did. • One-third of men, who successfully use Propecia to stop hair loss, might not receive the added benefits of re-growth (this is why a combination approach is the best way to deal with the condition) but two-thirds will. • All of the men in the study who were not taking Propecia lost hair. Propecia is widely recognised as the single most successful hair loss treatment available. The information above simply shows how, through a combination of effective treatments and with expert advice, you are likely to get the best results possible.

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