How to get hair like Donald Trump's, without the comb over!

Donald Trump's Hair 2 The Belgravia CentreDonald Trump

has been the butt of jokes for many years for his questionable hairstyle that looks like a careful attempt at hiding a significant case of balding and hair loss. The gravity defying bouffant has long been thought to hide a large bald patch on the crown of his head, but during an interview Trump claimed, ‘I get a lot of credit for comb-overs. But it’s not really a comb-over.’

Despite his protestations however, photographs taken in gusts of winds suggest that Trump may be fooling himself more than the general public.

Getting the Trump Look

Trump has detailed his unusual hair styling regime claiming that nothing more than Head & Shoulders shampoo, and some elaborate comb manoeuvres are required. According to Trump all that is needed is to wash one’s hair every day using the aforementioned shampoo before allowing his or her hair to air dry naturally, taking around an hour.

Once the hair is dry it is then combed ‘a little bit forward and back’ until the required volume has been achieved. The whole process takes nearly an hour and a half at the start of each day.

The Trump Costs in Time and Dignity

The major problem with the Trump style, other than it's unusual appearance, is the sheer amount of time it takes in order to create the same voluminous comb-over. As one of the richest men in the world, Donald Trump can easily afford to spend ninety minutes each morning reading the papers whilst waiting for his hair to dry. For the less well-off, ninety minutes per day amounts to seven-and-a-half hours every week the equivalent of a standard working day. During the course of a year, a man electing to go down the Trump route of hair loss denial, stands to lose 390 hours more than 16 days in total.

There is a Better Way

Rather than try and make what hair remains cover thinner patches like Donald Trump, a far better course of action is to obtain advice from a hair loss expert who will be able to suggest ways to promote hair regrowth. Here at The Belgravia Centre we see men (and women) who experience all manner of hair loss symptoms, including male pattern balding like that seen in Donald Trump’s unflattering photographs.

Using clinically proven medications and hair Growth Boosters our clients can restore their hairline, spare themselves the embarrassment of a questionable comb-over and save a considerable portion of their life which would otherwise be spent on a dodgy hair style. By restoring their own hair, clients also find that their self-esteem and personal performance is boosted as a direct result.

Tailored to the unique needs of the client, Belgravia's treatment plans are specially created to promote hair regrowth according to their specific needs, ensuring the maximum possible chance of success. Regardless of how long a client has been losing hair, The Belgravia Centre is confident of preventing further loss and encouraging a return of the hair line.

In Trump’s case, his bouffant hair has all but become a trademark, as famous as his name. A return of ‘real’ hair in place of the comb-over would generate further column inches in the media for Trump.

For men and women noticing hair loss for the first time, seeking professional advice from a hair loss expert as soon as possible also allows the chance to begin a treatment plan quickly, just like those men and women who feature in our hair loss success stories did. The faster hair regrowth can be started, the less chance that a person will resort to an unconvincing, Trumpesque comb-over and the embarrassment associated with it.

So to save your time and blushes, contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and we can get started on restoring your hair loss now. Alternatively you can fill in our online diagnositic form that will enable us to design a personalised course of treatment that can be sent to you wherever you are in the world.

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