How to Donate Hair to Make Wigs for Children With Hair Loss

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The Belgravia Centre are proud supporters of The Little Princess Trust, who provide real hair wigs to children in the UK who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or hair loss conditions. The charity rely on hair donations to make the wigs, which are supplied free of charge to the children who need them.

Jessie J famously donated her hair to the charity when she shaved her head, but anyone can donate hair and the good news is there’s no need to fully shave your head.

How to Donate Your Hair to CharityWhat types of hair can be donated?

The charity accepts donations of hair that is:

    • in good condition


    • seven inches or longer in length


    • any colour, including dyed or bleached, as long as it’s a natural-looking shade


    • straight or curly; permed or chemically straightened is fine as long as it is healthy hair


  • any hair type apart from afro hair; this is because the wig-maker is not a specialist in afro wigs, so the trust buys these wigs in separately.


If your hair is layered, that’s fine, as long as the shortest layer is still longer than the minimum seven inches.

What kinds of hair are unsuitable for donation?

If you are under 16 you must obtain permission from your parent or guardian before going ahead with the hair cut.

Little Princess trust LogoSome hair is not suitable for making children’s wigs, and the trust cannot accept donations of hair that is:

    • less than 7”/17cm in length


    • dyed an unnatural colour (such as blue, green or purple)


    • largely/mostly grey hair (more than 10%)


    • afro (as above)


  • formed into dreadlocks or hair extensions.


How to donate

Donating your hair is straightforward, but there are a few guidelines to make sure the hair is suitable for creating wigs.

    • Hair must be washed and dried before it is cut, and free from styling products


Neve before and after her hair donation to the Little Princess Trust Little Princess Supporter Neve before and after her haircut

    • When cutting the hair, it should be tied into a plait or ponytail before it is cut off, and secured at both ends with elastic bands or hair ties


  • Once the plait or ponytail is cut (above the hair tie), it should be placed in a clear plastic bag as soon as possible, then put in a padded envelope and sent to the Little Princess Trust.

Once your hair arrives at the Little Princess Trust it is sent to China, to a wig making factory who make the wigs for the charity free of charge.

If your hair is suitable, it will be blended with at least five other hair donations in order to make a wig. Whilst many people ask, the Trust are currently unable to arrange pictures of the child receiving the wig made with your donated hair.

Other ways to help

If you can’t donate hair you can still help by making a donation to the charity.

Donations are needed in order to source enough wigs for all the children who need them, and to purchase specialist wigs for children with afro hair.

Each purchased wig costs £350, so all fundraising is gratefully received. If you need any inspiration, you can find many examples of people who have kindly donated their hair, and others who have raised funds for the charity on our blog.

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Posted by Belgravia Centre Writer

In this article: Hair Loss

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