How to Cure Sudden Hair Loss

There is a completely natural way to cure sudden hair loss in men and women and it is by doing nothing. Seriously - despite popular opinion that assumes 'once it’s gone it’s gone’, hair can re-grow on its own, without treatment just as spontaneously as it fell out. There are exceptions of course and whether or not you’re one of the lucky ones who do not require treatment will depend on what type of hair loss you have and what triggered it in the first place.

Sudden hair loss is triggered by physical and emotional stressThere are various reasons for hair loss. The most prevalent cause is heredity, but the main reason for sudden hair loss is physical or emotional stress. In these circumstances, it presents itself in the form of telogen effluvium or diffuse hair loss.

An illness or surgery for instance can trigger an alteration in the hair growth lifecycle. During such time the body may not deem hair growth a priority and so directs its energies elsewhere. Once this illness has passed however, the sudden hair loss condition should cease and hair growth should return to normal after a few months.

Sudden hair loss can occur for a variety of medical reasons. Of course you can’t exactly just do nothing then you should consult your doctor and deal with the pertinent issue, even if you’re not sure what it is. A lot of the time women are iron deficient without being aware of it and it’s well known that this condition affects hair loss.  

Pregnancy is another condition that alters the way our bodies work. Women may actually find that their hair is in its best condition during pregnancy, only to experience sudden hair loss after childbirth. The excess shedding is just the body’s way of telling you things are going back to normal. As your hormone levels balance out, the normal hair growth cycle should return to normal. Give it a year, maximum, and the sudden hair loss should correct itself.

Sudden hair loss can also be triggered if you are confronted with severe stress at work, home or a combination of both. If it was a once of stress, such as a death in the family, the hair loss should be a short term thing also. If it’s an ongoing source of stress that’s contributing to your hair loss, you should find ways to manage your stress levels and think about getting some treatments for hair loss.

Curing sudden hair loss is easy once you know the cause, but sometimes it’s a little more complicated. These particular situations can cause excess shedding in people who are not otherwise susceptible to hair loss or baldness. However, they can also trigger more permanent forms of hair loss in those who have a genetic history of the condition.

In any case, sudden or gradual hair loss should be addressed if only to eliminate the possibility of other serious medical conditions. To arrange a meeting with a Belgravia hair loss specialist, call 020 7730 6666 to book or contact us for more information. Alternatively, you can fill in the online diagnostic form from anywhere in the world for access to impartial and accurate advice regarding your circumstances.

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