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Did you know that hair grows about 10% faster in summer? If you find it difficult to believe it’s because there are still hair damaging factors in full force during the summer months which can lead to hair loss, so you need to know what they are and how to avoid them.

Skin protection may be your top priority as it should be but you shouldn’t forget to protect your hair in summer either. Without proper care, your hair is more susceptible to breakage during the summer months which could result in temporary hair loss as a result of thinning hair. But don’t panic here we’ve got a list of all the things that can and cannot afford to take a holiday when it comes to caring for your hair in summer.

How to Avoid Summer Hair Loss - Summer Haircare Advice - The Belgravia CentreAvoid:

Sea salt and chlorine enemy number one. Make an effort to rinse your hair under tap water before and after going for a dip in the pool/ocean/Jacuzzi/[insert other amazing summer luxury involving water]. Sea water and chlorine can dry out hair, leaving it brittle, lifeless and prone to breakage.

Extra heat the extra UV rays are enough for your hair to deal with so give your hair straightener and blow-dryer a holiday and go for the beachy, au naturel look. A sweaty scalp is also something to avoid where possible so remember to rinse your hair and wash it more regularly in the summer so as to keep your scalp clean, healthy and free of build-up.

Hair dye and bleaches if you were thinking of going for the peroxide blonde Baywatch babe look, don’t. Hair colouring isn’t great for your hair at the best of times but add sun exposure to the chemical damage and your hair won’t thank you for it.

Tight ponytails or braids summer is the perfect time to let your hair hang loose. Avoid tying it up too tightly or using bands with metal clips, especially when the hair is wet. This can stress the hair, lead to breakage or in extreme cases, traction alopecia.

Bring it on:

Sunscreen for hair - UVA and UVB rays can damage hair, leading to split ends, breakage and loss of a healthy shine. Reach for a hat to protect your locks and invest in a high protection sunscreen spray for your hair to avoid damage. Full spectrum sun protection can be found in many styling products so doesn't mean weighing your hair down with extra lotions and potions.

Leave-in conditioners you should use these occasionally anyway but upping the ante in summer has it’s benefits. What they do is protect the cuticle from external damage so putting it on before swimming prevents any damage from chlorine and sea salt that could lead to breakage and split ends.

Wide-toothed comb or specialist tangle brush wet hair is especially fragile and can easily break or tear. A wide-toothed comb or brush specially designed to be used on wet hair will be gentler on your tresses so make sure you’ve got one in your beach bag.

While you won’t lose your hair to the sun, breakage from the harmful effects of summer hair habits could lead to excessive breakage which looks for all intents and purposes like thinning hair. Remember these few summer hair care tips and you won’t need to spend all winter repairing the damage.

If, however, you spot signs of thinning, particularly around the temples, and think there could be more to your hair loss than sun damage, you can receive a diagnosis and find out about the most effective hair loss treatments for women that could help your condition by consulting a specialist.


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Posted by Kate

In this article: Hair Loss | Women's Hair Loss

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